About Me/Contact

Wife, mother, freelance voice talent and writer living in suburban Philadelphia. I moved here in 2005, the year I retired from my career as a broadcaster to concentrate on having a family. My previous work included radio announcing (DJ, traffic reporter, newscaster and eventually morning show host), event hosting, network and commercial voiceovers, producing and mentoring.

I am turning 40 this year. I know I can still leave the house without a trace of makeup but I prefer to look polished whenever possible. Most of my efforts begin with skincare and I'm always in search of the right foundation. Things change so much, so frequently. I now have dry skin and wrinkles. The kind that I laughed about when I was 27 and my sister asked me if she could practice Botox on me. Yes, there is a line between my brows that doesn't go away even when my face is at rest. And when I smile, my eyes crinkle up and yep, more wrinkles around there. My eyelids are drooping lower (unevenly so) and I find that I look more monolid than ever. I have lids! But they now completely disappear when I smile. Maybe I should stop smiling.

I am of mixed ethnicity (Filipino-Spanish), with light to medium skin and brown hair. Shade-wise, I'm probably closer to an NC20 (that's what I buy in MAC) although my cheeks are highly reactive and at first glance, I'm always mistaken for an NW20. Maybe that's great because I can wear pink-toned, neutral-toned and yellow-toned foundation! More often than not though, it just means I should use two different colors.

I used to use a Canon Rebel XSi to take all the pictures in this blog but I have since gotten a Canon SL1 and I do post mobile pictures occasionally. I only use pictures I take myself. You're welcome to "borrow" some of the images I have but I ask that you kindly send me an email to secure my permission first before you do so. I sometimes use a flash or I brighten pictures in Photoshop, if only to remedy the variable lighting that I get. I do, however, like the effect of natural light so I try to take a lot of pictures in a sunny room or outdoors.

I purchase everything that is featured on my blog. I do not purchase for the purpose of reviewing. I purchase for the sheer joy of owning something and I review it if I think it is worth telling the world about. If I am featuring a sample, the sample is usually acquired thru a purchase or a visit to a counter or store as I generally do not receive PR samples. This blog is also my inventory. It's a way for me to keep track of the things that I buy. If I'm at a store and I can't remember if I already own a particular shade, it's handy to be able to look it up on my blog. If I have featured it, then I guess I own it.

If you have any questions about anything that I write in this blog, you may post your comments anytime. I really would love to hear from you. I can also be reached at ponderingbeauty@gmail.com.