About Me/Contact

Wife, mother, freelance voice talent and writer living in suburban Philadelphia. I was transplanted here by marriage in 2005, the year I retired from my career as a broadcaster. My previous work included radio announcing (DJ, traffic reporter, newscaster and eventually morning show host), event hosting, network and commercial voiceovers, producing and mentoring.

My interest in makeup started at age 15, when my mother gifted me with a full-face palette from Marks & Spencer. The palette contained a number of eyeshadows and lipcolors, as well as 2 shades of blush. I grew up watching my mother put on a full face of makeup. She was a master in light and shading, having a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. To this day, I cannot replicate the way she would draw her eyebrows but I have certainly picked up "the pout" which you will see from time to time.

I have come to an age where I know I can still leave the house without a trace of makeup but prefer to look polished whenever possible. I am aware of the importance of a skincare routine and I would die without moisturizer or lip balm. I have a few wrinkles around my eye area and deeply regret the years of forging on without eye cream. But I am a sunscreen fanatic. So here's the mantra: sunscreen, eye cream and sunglasses. Ok?

I am of mixed ethnicity (Filipino-Spanish), speak a couple of languages and have lived in different countries. I have generally fair skin and brown hair. I have never, ever colored a single strand. My highlights are all-natural. But my hair does seem to get darker and darker every year. I figure that by the time I am 80, I will have a full head of black hair.

I use a Canon Rebel XSi to take all the pictures in this blog (unless otherwise noted - mobile pictures are very rare but I have posted a few). I only use pictures I take myself. You're welcome to "borrow" some of the images I have but I ask that you kindly send me an email to secure my permission first before you do so. I sometimes use a flash, to remedy the variable lighting I get in the east coast. I do, however, like the effect of natural light so I try to take a lot of pictures in a sunny room or outdoors.

My husband has mad couponing skills, which allows me to get a fair bit of drugstore brand makeup for a pittance. This is great as it offsets my unfortunate department store habit. I purchase everything that is featured on my blog. I do not purchase for the purpose of reviewing. I purchase for the sheer joy of owning something and I review it if I think it is worth telling the world about. If I am featuring a sample, the sample is usually acquired thru a purchase or a visit to a counter or store as I do not review PR samples. (See disclosure policies on this page.)

If you have any questions about anything that I write in this blog, you may post your comments anytime. I really would love to hear from you. I can also be reached at ponderingbeauty@gmail.com.