Monday, September 11, 2017

Photo ID makeup (+ NARS Audacious Lipstick in Apoline)

My local Sephora at the King of Prussia Mall moved to a new location last Friday. I ended up there two days in a row, first last Friday, just to scope out the party and then again early on Saturday morning for the Rouge event. It was timed well for me because I could get part of my makeup done before heading out to the DMV to get my picture taken. I could certainly have done the makeup myself but I like to be out there a few times a year to see what products associates would recommend and to see if I can learn something new. As it happened, there was quite a bit to be learned that day...

I approached an associate whose makeup looked close enough to what I wanted to achieve for myself that day and said that I wanted to try some NARS foundation. I told her up front that I was headed out to the DMV after, so I wanted something that would look nice for that picture. After working the color IQ machine on me, she sat me down on one of their new makeup stations and went to grab some foundation. As frequently happens, the color IQ machine recommended shades that are too dark for me but she was able to remedy that. She recommended the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, saying that it looks great in pictures, matching me with the shade Ceylan. But first, she primed my skin with the latest primer from Smashbox, the Photo Finish Primerizer, which she explained was a moisturizer and primer in one. Thus, it was great for dry skin.

Primer and Foundation were both applied with this brush

After we applied these two products on half my face, we took a nice long look in their beautiful new lighted mirror. I was left speechless at how bad the whole thing looked, with the foundation clinging to dry spots I didn't even know I had. Everything looked like a splotchy mess. The gracious associate immediately came to the save and said, if I didn't like it, we could try something else. She started describing a Natasha Denona foundation to me but I said that I wasn't sure I wanted to try that brand and suggested HOURGLASS instead.

When she came back, she had with her basically the only HOURGLASS foundation that I had actually tried before, the Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I had been hoping to try something new but the clock was ticking and this was a chance for me to see if she could find me the correct shade. I had Ivory and it was not right for me so we went with Buff. She used the NARS concealer in custard under my eyes and set my foundation with the Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in 117, which according to her, suits quite a lot of people. I have 118 and I'm aware that it's bit dark for me. The 117 looked good.

She swept some Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to warm up my complexion and added the Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trio in Pink Passion all mixed together on my cheeks. She finished off the look with a dusting of a Bobbi Brown highlighter whose name I forget. I actually kind of wish she hadn't gone in with the Bobbi Brown because I very much liked the way she applied my blush and bronzer but I know that these Bobbi Brown highlighters are not for me. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I could see how shimmery my cheek was and it really bothered me. Too much shimmer! But at least in pictures, it wasn't really visible. And now I have a reason to bust out that old Chocolate Soleil sample I've had sitting in a box forever.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, the matte finish is great!

I bought the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Apoline, which I chose over Anna and Audrey, and I was very happy to get to try this line with a color that I love. It really is a very nice lipstick. The pigment is rich, kind of like the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color, and it feels very comfortable on. I like it better than the brand's original lipstick formula. The color was also long-lasting, considering that I didn't wear any kind of lip primer beforehand. I just kind of slapped it on in the store before I put on my eye makeup. It looked great for hours.

the cap has a magnetic closure 

Apoline is my type of neutral rose color, the kind I would happily buy five of and wear on a daily basis. For something like an ID picture, it gives your lips color so you're not washed out but it doesn't distract. This would be a great in a conservative workplace too.

For brows, I filled in with my favorite Burberry eyebrow pencil and for eyes, I went with a quick look of black liner on the upper lashline and UD Underground above it. Finished up with waterproof mascara and drove to the Driver's License Center. Although it may seem like I had a good bit of makeup on, everything looked natural in the picture. I also wore this makeup all day long, as I went out and about with my family, taking the kids to lunch, some afternoon shopping, Duck Donuts and then we had my little girl's ears pierced. I got home shortly after 5. The makeup went on before 9 but I noted creasing on my foundation and settling into laugh lines and forehead lines even before I arrived at the DMV an hour later. It didn't really worsen but the dry patches started to appear on the one side of my nose and the corner of the mouth before 2PM.

At this point, I'm wondering if the NARS foundation would have looked better initially, if only she let the primer dry and be absorbed for a few minutes before she put the foundation on. Or if she had used a dry brush. I felt like her brush was wet when she was applying the products on my face. Maybe she had just "cleaned" it with alcohol or makeup spray because when she applied the primer with the brush, I felt a little sting and it's usually alcohol that does that to me.

But anyway, I got my picture taken and I looked just like me, on a good day. I wonder if they ever turn down people when they come for a picture and they're super made-up. The foundation she used on me can look quite full coverage, even when you don't use a lot and you even it out with a brush. To set it with foundation powder (as opposed to just translucent setting powder) makes it look completely flawless but the look, in person, is really made up and matte. It looks awesome in pictures and it will surely look nice on film. I did learn that I don't need a powder touch up if I use these two items in combination. But for everyday, I don't think I really need that much coverage and I much prefer my skin to show through a little bit.

On the subject of the Rouge event, I was able to peruse the holiday offerings and came home with none of them. I bought the lipstick, a My Burberry Blush rollerball and threw in a Sephora brand bronzer that I wanted to try. When I got home, I questioned why I didn't get the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil instead (because I had a sample at home. Right.) and I thought maybe I should have looked at a couple of eyeshadow palettes. But they were not on the tower display where I was told all the new holiday stuff would be. No loss either way as new eyeshadow is the last thing on my mind. Not sure if this is telling of the way holiday offerings are going to be quite uninteresting, but I'll wait for November and see.

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