Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner (most available colors/swatches)

The other day I was talking about these Rimmel Lip Liners and I mentioned how they're pretty good for the price. I attempted to collect them all to share with you. They're less than $5 apiece (unless you buy them at Ulta, in which case they're $6.99 each) and I've found that certain shades (which I think are officially discontinued) were being sold for $2.50 at one Walmart location so you may find a real bargain somewhere.

What I have, I'll list by number, starting with the ten shades that are still listed on the Rimmel website: 24 Red Diva, 32 Innocent, 45 Epic, 57 Ravish, 63 Eastend Snob, 64 Obsession, 70 Enchantment, 101 You're All Mine, 104 Call Me Crazy, 105 Under My Spell. I also have swatches of 102 Peachy Beachy and 103 Pink A Punch which are the two I found on clearance although I already had them from last year. There are at least 5 more colors that I haven't mentioned but I haven't been able to locate them anywhere. My last purchase was 18 Addiction (how appropriate :p), which I found at Ulta.

I like having the available shades at my disposal but my usage is mostly limited to the pinks: 63 Eastend Snob (brownish pink), 70 Enchantment (medium mauve pink) and 101 You're All Mine (bright fuchsia pink). There's a heavy assortment of seemingly brown shades but that seems to be true of many brands of lip liners. Some of the brighter colors appear to have been released to complement one of their lipstick lines and the shade names are the same, which makes it easier to grab a matching liner for your lipstick. Personally, I just like the inclusion of brighter shades.

The brand redesigned the tip at some point. It used to be a regular point, like a typical pencil tip for an automatic. These are automatic, by the way, no sharpener needed. But the newer ones have a slanted tip, like a little lipstick and if you don't twist it up too much, that lessens the probability of breakage. Occasionally, it will break during application but I blame too much pressure or too much product twisted up for that. I'm sure heat also plays a role. With a light hand, careful and deliberate strokes, you should be able to get decent application done, even when applying the lip liner to the entire lip.

Rimmel also makes a universal lip liner product, that has the old tip design (pictured below). It's a clear pencil. I bought it but haven't used it yet. Most of the time, I find these clear lip liners rather useless. But I think I might try using this one as a lip primer of sorts.

Admittedly, my number one lip liner is still Revlon's but as I've mentioned before, I like the bigger color selection from Rimmel. They're really quite similar in a lot of ways and Rimmel usually comes out cheaper. If lip liner is something that you find you need to replace quite often, I think it's worth a look.

At a lower price point is the old lip liner pencil by Rimmel, the 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Contouring Pencil. This pencil is not automatic and will need to be sharpened every so often. It's a firmer pencil and you will occasionally get one that is a bit hard and won't glide on to the lips. I have an old one and a couple of new ones. My old Tiramisu is simply called 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner Pencil. I find it every bit the same as the newer pencils except for two things: the name, as I've mentioned, and the cap. These new caps seem better. The old ones broke all the time. Formula-wise though, the newer pencils that I picked up seem identical to the old. I have Blushing Nude, which looks exactly like Tiramisu and the promising Rose Quartz which I can't wait to test out.

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