Saturday, August 19, 2017

No7 StayPerfect Trio Eye Shadow Palettes (Target clearance)

I willingly interrupted my post lineup to bring you some important news! While shopping at Target yesterday, I was browsing the Soap & Glory display looking for the Scrub of Your Life when a bottom shelf filled with these little eyeshadows caught my eye. Those orange clearance stickers can't be missed and I bought all the different colors that I could find.

These No7 eyeshadows turned out to be trios; something I didn't realize until I got home and removed the clearance stickers. I paid roughly $2 for each one, with the clearance pricing, cartwheel offer and RedCard discount. Naturally, I got five of them. The store must have marked them down and not put the orange stickers on them previously because I know I would have noticed. Instead, the aisle price labels actually reflected the clearance price and not the original of $8.99. However, even the orange stickers had the incorrect price (they were marked half off but in truth, they were 70% off).

The pictures are a bit on the warm side because of the available lighting today. All of the brown/taupe-looking colors are really more cool-toned than they photograph. Good Earth is particularly deceptive because it looks like a warm trio in the picture but there is definitely more of a grey tone to all three colors in it. Classic Matte is similarly more cool grey with a blue-grey and a beige. Cappuccino's bottom shade is not such a golden bronze and the only thing truly pink in Forest Fruits is the middle shade as the bottom one is more a shimmery eggplant.

I've never tried No7 eyeshadows before. At least, I don't remember ever doing so. A little digging up led me to this information: this lot was released around the time that Lisa Eldridge became  creative director for Boots No7 and the eyeshadow trios have been repackaged since. Lisa has moved on to bigger and better things (hello, Lancôme), so they're a bit old. Truthfully, I'm not expecting the sun, moon and stars here. I'm going to level these with the Maybelline City Mini Palettes. Will need a primer, probably some fallout and light pigmentation that will require a little creative effort to look true to pan. Oh and the pans, a little fragile, especially the bottom pan. A couple of mine look a little bit like they may fall out of the case if jostled intensely. I tried pressing it down a bit to secure but not sure if that did the trick. Either way, don't toss these into your gym bag. Leave them at home.

One final note, if you do find these at Target, they aren't sealed at all! You can readily open and inspect the contents before buying, just so you don't accidentally grab one that someone mistook for a tester (or deliberately swiped because there was no tester. People need to stop doing that!) or you can see the color better because that clearance sticker will block over half the clear window on the lid. Honestly, I'm quite excited to have a go at these because each and every single one that I purchased are trios I would definitely pick out if all I'm to consider are the colors. Has anyone tried these before? I'd love to hear about your experience.

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