Thursday, August 24, 2017

NARS Lipstick in Little Darling, Fire Down Below and Joyous Red

I got a neat GWP from Bloomingdale's recently that included these three NARS mini lipsticks. From what I've gathered, they were part of a boxed set once and two of the three colors are now discontinued. The only one still available in full size is Fire Down Below. I'm such a sucker for lipstick and these minis are adorable. Little Darling is sheer and Fire Down Below is semi-matte. Not too sure about Joyous Red but it looks to be a pearl finish.

NARS lipsticks tend to vary greatly for me. Their basic lipsticks, like these, have different finishes and the color selection is huge. I have no issues with the formula's application (smooth) and longevity is about average. They're not moisturizing nor particularly drying and the tubes, even the full-size ones, are actually pretty small. That makes them easy to tote around and have in the purse. The Audacious lipsticks are bigger and supposedly better, but I've only tried one and it wasn't a color that I loved (orangey) so I'd like to reserve comparison until after I've tried more shades.

Then there's the liquid lipstick line... Personally, I'm not big on liquid lipsticks but it's such a trend that I feel like I have to keep exploring until I find something that I love. I have the Velvet Lip Glide set that is exclusive to ULTA and I'd be happy to review that soon.  I don't think I ever had the chance to review the original Velvet Lip Glide set that came out over the holidays so I may throw in some swatches of those colors as well. Something to look forward to soon.

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