Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lipstick Queen Nothing But The Nudes (The Truth and The Whole Truth) Lipsticks

At the end of last year, I tried my very first lipstick from the Lipstick Queen line. I went with a Saint sheer lipstick in the shade Rose and I was very disappointed. I've since tried Frog Prince (hmmm... not a favorite but not terrible) and a couple from the Sinner line and found I like that one much, much better.

The recently-released Nothing But The Nudes collection of lipsticks didn't originally spark my interest but after trying them all on, I ended up buying The Truth (pink) and The Whole Truth (peach). I skipped Nothing But The Truth because it looked very brown when I tried it, even if it's supposed to be the beige "nude".

The word "nude" is so tricky because it implies bare skin and there are so many possible shades of bare skin. I fall in that mid to light category that I don't normally have a very difficult time finding a "nude" shade that works but I do have my preferences. I find that the more brown-looking colors don't appeal to me and the true beiges look like concealer on my lips. I definitely look for that hint of pink or peach.

In the pictures, these two look very similar but in reality, the pinkness of The Truth is more apparent. I think the swatches confirm that. It is a very light color though and is quite close to my natural lip color. I think it would look better with a whole lot of shine, maybe some gloss, on top. The finish is described as having that modern vinyl-like look but I think it's a lot more toned down than that.

The Whole Truth has just the right notes of beige, brown and peach for my skin-tone. Surprisingly, I think I prefer it to The Truth, even though I always think I would usually like the pink one better. I apply it with a lighter hand and find that I don't need to put gobs and gobs of it on to see the color. The pigment is quite nice.

Above and below, Lipstick Queen The Truth

I think this formula is a little different and I like it better but I can't pinpoint exactly why. It may actually have to do with the fact that it's a new release and therefore I'm getting fresh stock because I'm not certain that it's truly more moisturizing. It does dry me out after awhile. One thing I'm sure about is how I like this packaging better. For this line, Lipstick Queen ditched the metallic matte finish of the tube and you get a neat shiny beige plastic. I wouldn't mind if they packaged all their lipstick like this!

I've discovered over time that Lipstick Queen tends to go on promotion frequently at Ulta. It could just be more points on your rewards card (which translates to cash) or an actual discount on the product. All the times that I bought Lipstick Queen products at Ulta, I think I got both (more points and a discount). Their rewards program underwent a revamp a few years back and the store has brought more prestige brands in. All this is a win-win setup for us customers. Add that I can peruse an actual Lipstick Queen display with testers at my nearest Ulta, it's encouraged me to have another look at the brand.

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