Monday, August 21, 2017

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Hydrating & Plumping Velvet Matte Lip Colour in M375 Flaming Rose

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Hydrating & Plumping Velvet Matte
Lip Colour in M375 Flaming Rose

So excited to show you a new Guerlain lipstick from the fall collection. I've been a bit behind on my posts so I'll toss in one of the limited edition summer releases too. It works out so I can contrast the new lipstick with the old one as they are both in the Kiss Kiss line.

Let's start with some pictures of the Creamy Shaping Lip Colour in Pink Sunrise. It's a lovely, rosy pink with a coral undertone that is definitely warm. If you're not familiar with the Kiss Kiss formula, it's a medium pigment, non-drying, scented lip color from Guerlain that usually comes in a black tube with a gold top. I find Guerlain's Rouge G to be more moisturizing but the Kiss Kiss lipsticks I've used are all comfortable to wear either way. 

Guerlain Creamy Shaping Lip Colour in 567 Pink Sunrise

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Hydrating & Plumping Velvet Matte Lip Colour in M375 Flaming Rose

The newest Kiss Kiss on the block is the Hydrating & Plumping Velvet Matte Lip Colour and I have the shade M375 Flaming Rose. I'm not sure I see or feel the plumping but I don't need or want that anyway so it doesn't bother me. The matte part is definitely visible (even the tube is matte gold). While not a particular favorite finish, it has its uses and a beautiful rose pink shade doesn't fail. 

With this matte lip color, I get the sense that the lip lines aren't so terribly visible. That may be the plumping effect at work, filling in the lines a little bit, or it could also be because the finish isn't incredibly flat. This color remained flattering even in a matte formula and it doesn't look dated.

I thought that the matte would be more long-lasting than the regular Kiss Kiss lipstick but with these two, I find the wear time to be similar. I wore mine with Guerlain's lip primer (I'm rotating between a few to see which one works best) and found that I was still getting a little bit of the lipstick sliding down the sides of the mouth after a couple of hours. At some point, once I've figured out which one I like the best, I should be able to do a round up of lip primers. 

There are definitely more new things coming our way from Guerlain. I've already gotten hold of the new foundation and am thinking about getting the primer too. My birthday is coming up so I'll probably grab one of the lip palettes instead of a Rouge G this year. And my favorite mascara, the original Maxi Lash is now available in a gift set with a full size eyeliner which I'm currently wearing. More on those goodies later!

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