Friday, August 18, 2017

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector (Rosewood + Rose)

When I was stocking up on my favorite Clarins Natural Lip Perfector shades, I decided to investigate the Lip Balm Perfector line as well. As part of a GWP, I received a teeny tiny sample tube of shade 01 Rose so I've added that to this post. I bought the shade Rosewood to try.

The Lip Balm Perfector is actually more convenient to use. Since it's packaged like a typical tube of balm or lipstick, all you have to do is twist up and apply. It takes up less space and is a little less messy too. This doesn't diminish my love for the Lip Perfectors in the squeeze tube but I'm happy to have the Lip Balm Perfector in Rosewood to keep as an everyday color in my purse.

Rose is lighter and less brown but the general pigmentation of my lips responds better to Rosewood so that will be my go-to shade. Love the teeny weeny sample though. If they released all the colors in that tiny tube, I would so buy it.

Just to compare the Lip Balm Perfectors to the Natural Lip Perfectors, I decided to add the swatch of my recent purchase Plum Shimmer next to the original swatch pictured above. The Natural Lip Perfectors in the squeeze tube are liquid so they apply more like lip gloss and you can see what a difference that makes. Overall, they have a very similar feel on the lips and they're both highly scented. The scent goes away after a few minutes and there's no taste. But if you don't like the way liquids apply and prefer a twist up tube, the Lip Balm Perfectors are definitely the way to go.

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