Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color in Lagoon, Triton and Seashell

Another long overdue post but I feel better writing this now than when I first received these products because I have more to say. These have been out for at least a year now and when the initial lot came out, I immediately bought Triton (taupe) and Seashell (gold). When they arrived, I realized that the lot would have been more cohesive had I purchased the contrasting shades of Lagoon (teal) and Starfish (burgundy). However, I was trying to determine whether or not I liked the formula enough to get more colors. Finally, I sprung for Lagoon. So now we have the trio.

Lagoon just arrived today so I haven't yet had a chance to play. In the pot, it's definitely teal so imagine my surprise when the swatches gave it a more brown appearance. There's definitely a multidimensional quality to it which explains why it was the first to go out of stock. From the year that I've had these, I have mostly just used Seashell because it's a quick and easy lid wash. And yet, after a year, it looks like I've barely used it.

Seashell, after a year!

Triton was a challenge for me because I keep trying to find a brush that I like using with it. You can see how some of the pigment has loosened up from the lot. It tells me that I probably shouldn't shake these around so tossing them into a travel bag is out of the question. However, it's easy enough to pat them back down into place.

Triton after a year!

The formula of Chantecaille's Mermaid Eye Color is a little confusing initially. Based on pictures, there was no way of telling if they were cream or powder. They're not a hybrid or a gel. They are, in fact, loose powder pigment, like the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows or Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows. This is something that I've always had a lot of difficulty in using. I'm used to conventional powder eyeshadow so it's always an adjustment for me when I'm dealing with loose powder pigment. These adhere quite well when I apply the pigment with my fingers but I find them so problematic when I'm trying to use brushes. I've purchased silicone applicators from a beauty supply store to see if that would help me apply these better, but I have yet to try that route. That might be the way to go. These can also be used wet, as per the box.

The name is so enchanting. I'll admit I bought them because I'm in love with the name! My daughter was also in that stage where she is fascinated with mermaids, or the idea of. So mermaids are always top of mind here. I purchased that Laura Mercier Inner Eye Pencil in Nightfall that I think will go smashingly with the Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color in Lagoon so I'm quite excited to give this lot another try. And then there's that new trio of mattes that the brand has just come out with. Individually, these are $34 apiece. That trio is $95 and they've got adorable packaging. Something to think about for now.

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  1. Lagoon is certainly a surprise! Beautiful colors!