Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chanel Tweed Cherry Blossom and Tweed Coralline Blush (+ swatches of the Jardins de Lumières Eyeshadow Quad)

Earlier this year, Chanel launched the Énergies et Puretés makeup collection in the US and I remember feeling really frustrated that it seemed to be available only the Chanel website, which means I would not be able to check out a tester or two if I wanted to buy it. The two tweed blushes quickly went out of stock and on a visit to Bloomingdale's, the Chanel associate told me that they wouldn't be getting it anytime soon. I eventually lost interest, even if I was a fan of the tweeds (one of my all-time favorite blushes is the old and now discontinued Tweed Rose), until one day, it popped up at all the department stores. I ended up getting not just the two tweed blushes but also one of the eyeshadow quads.

My thoughts in brief, on the two blushes, they are definitely of a different stock from the old tweed blushes. These are very highly pigmented. The colors are vibrant too. I had read all about this pigmentation beforehand so I knew to use the blushes with a lightly-packed (not dense) and very soft blusher brush. They are both beautiful when on and even the sparkly overspray did not bother me. Personally though, Tweed Coralline is the keeper here. Deeper skin tones may prefer Tweed Cherry Blossom because it would show up better but it can get too intense for my complexion.

As for the eyeshadows, I went with Jardins de Lumières because I felt like I didn't need another neutral pink and brown quad that day. Pink and brown, that's a no-brainer. I knew it would look great. However, I was interested in a little variety and although I don't see myself using all four colors in Jardins de Lumières all at the same time, I think each color applies beautifully and I have many other things I can use to complement. One day, I went for a green look, using the green shade with a MARC JACOBS eyeliner in O(vert) and the silver grey color on my crease. On another day, I went for a warm neutral look with the plummy shade all over the lid and the beige as highlight. I have a tiny lid space so I tend to take things as pairs. It helps me to focus the look on one color, which is how I typically do my makeup.

The Chanel website may be out of all these products but the department stores still have them. Bloomingdale's lists them as "Cruise Collection" items, although I'm fairly certain that they are not. But as I've mentioned before, when I am trying to find Chanel makeup that everyone else has run out of, Bloomingdale's tends to still have them. It may be because of labelling errors such as this, or maybe they get their stocks later. Spring or summer though, I think I could get proper year-round use of these colors. Definitely items that I am happy to have.

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