Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in 12 Hot Rose (+ MAC Lip Pencils, Raring To Go Lipglass)

I was at the outlet for a few hours late Saturday and stopped by the Cosmetics Company Store. If you've never heard of the Cosmetics Company Store (I recall it used to be referred to as the CCO for Cosmetic Company Outlet), they are an outlet location that sells products owned by the Estee Lauder company. I find the store to be a goldmine for MAC and Bobbi Brown products, which is the bulk of what I look at whenever I find myself in there. They also sell Clinique, and now Tom Ford!

The store was running a special when I came in, an extra 30% off everything except Tom Ford. So on top of the usual 15-30% discount, you get an additional deduction from your total purchase price. I'm in!

I didn't really come in looking for anything specific and I find that the easiest thing to buy is almost always lipstick. I went over to the MAC display and found these little bowls filled with various MAC minis, mostly lipglass, and I grabbed one called Raring to Go. This set the tone for the rest of my purchase (hold all the fuchsia lippies please!) and I had the associate set aside the MAC Lip Pencil in Embrace Me and a lipstick. But then I sauntered over to the Bobbi Brown display and the Luxe Lip Color in Hot Rose caught my eye. I promptly switched out the lipstick for that one.

Left: MAC mini Lipglass in Raring To Go,
Right: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Hot Rose

This lipstick has such a good formula but is a bit pricey so I never really bother looking at it when I'm at Sephora or a department store. Also, I've been disenchanted with the Bobbi Brown brand eversince Bobbi Brown herself stopped being involved in the development of products. It feels very strange to me. At a deep discount, however, I may be convinced to get something.

Hot Rose comes off as a bright fuchsia with a heavy smattering of rose, definitely up my alley. The MAC Lipglass in Raring to Go is a perfect match for it. The swatches seem a little more rosy than fuchsia on my monitor but both of them are definitely more fuchsia than rose.

I love a good lip liner so I also took home the MAC Lip Pencil in Embrace Me and added Hip N Happy to my purchase. Upon getting home though, I realized that neither pencil matched the lipstick and gloss perfectly. I can use them together for sure but after combing my lip pencil collection for fuchsias, I decided that the Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Dragonfruit was the better partner for the Bobbi Brown lipstick and the MAC Lipglass in Raring to Go. I'm sure I can find other uses for those MAC pencils. I love things named "dragon" and that was the only reason I bought that Dragonfruit pencil from Sephora. But for the life of me, I've never been to find a lipstick that matched it perfectly until today. The best part was, my entire purchase at the Cosmetics Company Store was less than $42. It's all final sale but that doesn't bother me. Just to break it down, I got the lipstick for just over $17, the lip pencils were under $9 and the MAC mini Lipglass? Not even $5! Have I convinced you to hit your nearest CCS yet? Go... now.... just go!

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