Monday, July 17, 2017

Sephora Collection Flash Jumbo Lip Pencils, Blush to Go and Lid & Liner Primer

I wanted to share my thoughts on a few items I ordered from Sephora recently. Here's the lot with my order. The items include a couple of Flash Jumbo pencils in matte shades and the Lid & Liner Primer. The rest are free samples.

Over the holidays, Sephora had a lip pencil set that I felt was going to make it into the regular product line and I think that this is it. I knew from experience to steer clear of the shimmer shades because they tended to leave glitter behind as the lipstick fades (not a problem with certain shades but it is not so great on others). In case they hadn't resolved that issue, I stuck with the mattes.

The two I have are both very wearable on my complexion although I prefer Rapid Nude as it is a little brighter and less brown. However, for a little definition, I found that I could use the two colors together. I outline my lips with Swift Nude and then apply Rapid Nude all over the lips after. The result is quite matte, but it looked nice. I'm not normally a fan of a very matte finish but these were palatable. The color goes on very opaque and I like that. I'd say longevity is decent. It didn't even fully come off after I'd eaten (and I attempted to remove it all with a napkin). Some people like that so I think this should have its fair share of fans.

I recently bought a revamped Laura Mercier eyeliner (I should write a post about that, hmmm somebody remind me) and as the artist was putting it on me, I mentioned that sometimes I have trouble with their liners transferring to my upper lid after a little while. After asking me if I use a primer (I sometimes do), I was told to set it with translucent powder. So when I stumbled on this $5 gem from Sephora, I had to have it. I've used it once so I'm not entirely sure what I think of it yet. I didn't get eyeliner transfer that day and my cream eyeshadow didn't crease so I guess it works. However, I used it as a setting powder for my eye makeup and not as a primer. I'll have to try several things before I can fully say this is worth it. So, perhaps more on this later.

Sephora got dibs on the new Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation and I really wanted to try it but my local Nordstrom had not yet acquired the merchandise. The only way for me to try it was to get one of the samples from Sephora. One of the sample picks was my shade in the Candleglow Foundation (Vanille) so I chose that one, hoping that the shades are the same. Fail on that as the color turned out to be way too light. I suppose it's also because Candleglow is quite sheer and so a lot more forgiving if you didn't have an exact shade match. This is not the case with the new foundation so I'll have to wait until the counter gets it and have myself matched properly. (The formula was impressive on the first try though. It really sticks! But my thoughts on that later.)

Finally, a word of caution on the new Blush & Luminizer to Go products. This wasn't pictured on the group shot because this was actually from an earlier order. Right now, there is only one variety of this product left on the Sephora website for anyone to order and it is the luminizer in Miss Sunshine. I ordered a pink blush called Miss Secretive but instead received what appeared to be a much darker, reddish colored stick called Miss Gorgeous. And the stick was all smushed, just completely damaged when I received it. I thought twice about returning it, since when I swatched it, it seemed like a perfectly nice peachy color. But in the end, I thought, well, this wasn't what I ordered and it is damaged. 

I went to the store to see if they could give me the right one but the store didn't carry the item at all. They managed to process my return after a bit of waiting and a manager intervening, but I got the speech again about the whole "this is online's inventory and not ours so you should really return it to them because it messes up our inventory"... and I'm thinking, I already wasted my time coming here... but I waited patiently and in the end was glad that the store was able to accommodate the return despite the error not being theirs. They were perfectly nice about it to me. However, you could tell that the manager was annoyed that she had to go fix another online debacle. I mean, she was mouthing out about it. 

Based on past experience, when they send you the wrong shade the first time, there is a low probability that they will get it right (in my case, all merchants who have delivered me the wrong shade never got it right when they reordered it for me, so this is not unique to Sephora). The people you speak with when you call customer service can place a new order for you, in an attempt to rectify the situation, and they will be nice about it as well, but if the problem is at the distribution center (like perhaps items are in the wrong bins), they'll just keep getting the order wrong. Save yourself some trouble and avoid ordering something if you see that all the reviewers are saying that they have received the wrong item. So a few lessons learned there, huh?

I have several items that I picked up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which I'd like to post pictures of real soon so hopefully I can go through the pictures before the sale becomes open to the public. For reference, I got the two Laura Mercier lipstick and lip liner sets, the Charlotte Tilbury bronzer and blush set with small brush, one of the MAC kits (the nude mini lipsticks and glosses) and the limited edition Guerlain bronzer. 

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