Thursday, July 20, 2017

MAC Look in a Box: Saint No Angel

I grabbed one of the MAC Look in a Box sets in Saint No Angel, just to try. The set features two Little MAC lipsticks and two Little MAC Lipglasses.

I'm fairly new to the concept of little MAC but I like it a lot. They're smaller versions of the items, kind of like samples, and they're available for purchase. I don't regularly consume any full-size lip products, not even ones I love so this is a way for me to save money and still enjoy things that I like. For reference, I have the Little MAC lipstick pictured next to a regular size tube of MAC lipstick.

As for the colors, this is the nude set. There's another one called Baby Be Cool that's a cool-toned pink set. I'm on the fence about how much I like the one I picked as it's got a lot of brown (mostly, I'm having trouble with the matte lipstick in Love Me Lots). I wish it had more pink to it but I'm not sure I want to go full-on fuchsia like the other set.

I don't know about you but I wish this trend towards brown lipstick would go away. Take along with it the liquid lipstick and the matte lipstick, please. This has all been done before. And when you have all three trends combined, a matte brown liquid lipstick, is it actually flattering? I don't know anyone who likes browns and nudes so there's nobody I can pass this on to. Most people in my circle don't wear a lot of eye makeup either, which likely explains why there would hardly ever be a need to have a lipstick so neutral. For me, the point of nude shades is so you can have people focus on some feature other than your lips. It's also a comfort zone. Because nude colors tend to not clash with whatever I'm wearing. But I still think MAC could have done a Look in a Box with a warm rose lineup?

Anyway, the set is only $26.50 so I will keep it and play around with combinations of the lipstick and gloss. The gloss should do a nice job of tempering down that brown with luscious shine. And at least they're minis so they won't last forever.

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