Monday, July 24, 2017

Laura Mercier Inner Eye Definer in Nightfall

I recently discovered that Laura Mercier has stopped making the Kohl Eye Pencils. Instead, they are now selling the new Laura Mercier Inner Eye Definer. This new pencil comes in six shades, several of which are the same (at least in name) as the old kohls, namely Black Gold, Black Navy, Black Violet, Brown Copper and Stormy Grey. They've done away with Black Turquoise and now we have Nightfall.

The formula description remains the same. It's a creamy formula that comes in a slightly thicker diameter pencil, meant for lining the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes. I was always mildly confused by this statement. What exactly is the inside of the eyelid? To me that means: waterline. And I never really put liner on my waterline because it irritates my eye and tends to get makeup on my contact lenses. So for me, the old kohl pencils meant soft, smudgeable color, great as a base for powder eyeshadow, to create depth, dimension and prolong wear.

I purchased Nightfall because I always had trouble with my Black Turquoise pencil. Application was typically patchy, like the pencil was too hard. But if I applied more pressure, I usually end up breaking the tip. This was case with a couple of the old kohl pencils. I never had this trouble with Black Gold or Brown Copper though. I thought that maybe with this version, they'd have solved the problem. But upon taking home Nightfall, I found that it had its own problems. The pencil really is quite soft but I can't seem to get a good line from it, unless I press a little harder. This results in bits of eyeliner, like little chunks, just coming off the pencil but not really adhering to my skin. And then, the impending fallout. It's terrible. I'm so unhappy with it!

I didn't want to return the pencil as I quite liked the color. It's perfect if you're thinking mermaid look, but also does well on its own. So, the fix: put eye makeup on before foundation and face makeup. Apply in dots and dashes and then smudge, smudge, smudge with powder eyeshadow or set with powder. Clean up.

Now I'm off to find the perfect turquoise pencil and shadow...


  1. Hi! I love the colors of Laura Mercier's eye pencils, ( still devoted to the eye look with: Black Gold liner, Metallic Crème Eye Color in Gold, Guava and Bamboo e/s, you name it!) but recently I have discovered the Sephora eyeliner pencils with beautiful colors and various formulas.

    1. Sephora has a really nice variety of eye pencils and they're quite affordable too! I had a few colors of the Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Waterproof that I loved until last spring when my allergies acted up really badly and I could no longer wear them because they made my eyes tear up :( Cocoa and Love Affair were my favorites.