Thursday, July 27, 2017

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Cobblestone

Looking at more new products from Laura Mercier, I discovered several new matte shades of the popular Caviar Stick Eye Colour. These new shades are called Vanilla Kiss, Blossom, Au Naturel, Fog, Caramel and my pick: Cobblestone.

The first thing I noticed when I took the Caviar Stick out of the box was the matte outer casing, making it a little different from the older shades. When I opened Cobblestone, it looked a bit more brown and less grey than I'd hoped (I considered getting Fog, as I wanted something more grayish). However, upon applying the stick to my inner arm and then smudging the color, I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect it was as a contour color. It really is a beautiful taupe, that mimics a shadow on the lid quite naturally. It's perfect as a subtle crease color. And as it can be intensified, it really, really works. Call me pleased.

A selection of matte shades is undoubtedly a great idea as not everyone looks for shimmer in their eyeshadows. I recall two years back, for holiday, Laura Mercier came out with the Matte-to-Metal Caviar Stick Collection which included two limited edition shades that were supposed to be matte but maybe didn't quite come off matte enough. I dug up the pictures of that collection from my archives (I never posted a review as I'd mostly given that set away, just keeping the two that I didn't yet have). They remain unique, as the new matte shades are not similar to either Ganache or Aubergine. Although I'll admit, I've barely used them. With Cobblestone added to my collection, I've remembered that they're there so I might play around with the whole lot a bit more. (For your perusal, the pictures of the matte-to-metal collection and swatches are below.)

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