Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls

I've mentioned before that 2017 marks 30th anniversary of Guerlain Météorites. While the brand released the Happy Glow Pearls earlier this year, the real tribute is apparently the Birthday Candle Pearls which has finally made it to our shores!

I've seen the product trickle in slowly, with a couple of department stores now stocking it online. Mine arrived yesterday.

The tin is inspired by the original case from 1987. It's a light pink tin with the design embossed in white. I personally didn't buy my first set of "pearls" until the Pucci pearls came out but I've been seriously hooked since then.

The Birthday Candle Pearls contain gold, pink, champagne and white pearls. The combination is supposed to bring warmth and radiance to the complexion, with the smaller pearls and softer powder creating that soft-focus effect.

I think that the météorites pearls are still a highly misunderstood product. It can be used as a subtle highlight when applied in the "g"method: move from the center of the forehead to the cheekbones and then straight up and down on the bridge of the nose and down to the chin. But most variants are toned down enough to be used all over the face as a finishing powder, to "correct" allover color and set makeup. Setting powder prolongs wear. Météorites, maybe not so much, but it lends an overall softness to the appearance of base makeup (ie. liquid or cream foundation) when applied correctly. It's not meant to be seen. It's meant to enhance whilst remaining invisible. Like magic, perhaps? I just saw Dr. Strange last night, so the idea of magic is still fresh in my mind today LOL. It's a luxury, that's for sure. Necessary? Not really. But I enjoy a good tin here and there, especially because I enjoy the violet fragrance and I like the understated glow it gives my complexion.

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