Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chanel Rouge Coco in 410 Catherine and 432 Cécile

I have two shades of Chanel's good old Rouge Coco lipstick that I haven't yet reviewed. I heard that it was National Lipstick Day so even if it's pretty late already, I thought that I should maybe post a quick one. Lipstick is, after all, my favorite makeup.

I bought these quite awhile back, and I was supposed to write this post sometime around the holidays (over half a year ago already WOW). But I got busy doing the advent calendar feature that it got pushed back over and over until I quite forgot about it. I had intended to do a feature on lipsticks named Catherine as I've acquired three, plus a gloss... you've probably heard about the Laura Mercier set in Catherine which I briefly talked about in a recent post although I didn't include any pictures. I probably ought to remedy that and add the pictures. We'll see. Anyway, I've got some pictures of the Rouge Coco in Catherine and Cécile for you here.

Catherine is a light peach that truthfully, if not for the name, I probably would not have purchased. I do have quite a number of shades that look similar and find that I rarely use them. However, that's got to be somebody's sort of neutral. Mine is more like Cécile, that sort of pinkish brownish color that I frequently wear. This one's got a bit of a pearl finish as I recall.

The Chanel Rouge Coco is a pretty good, medium pigment line. Some shades are more on the sheer side, as these two are, although some are a bit more opaque. I haven't bought any new ones though because I've found that they tend to dry my lips a little bit when I use them repeatedly. It's nothing intense and I imagine some good and proper lip prep will solve the problem. I had a similar issue with MAC in the past but I have just recently tried MAC again and so far it's been fine.

There are many promotions today, from brands like Urban Decay (discounted Vice lipsticks), MARC JACOBS (free mini lip créme with any purchase) and at most department stores, there's a gift with purchase for many things. Bloomingdale's has a lovely GWP with a $75 beauty purchase. Mine included 3 little NARS lipsticks, a bag and a scarf, among other things. It was actually one of the more impressive GWP's I've seen in awhile and it doesn't take much to get to $75. And I've discovered that when I'm looking for a limited edition item from a brand like Chanel, for instance, when other stores have run out, they still tend to have the stuff so I always check them out now. For future reference, I thought I'd throw that out there. By the way, happy National Lipstick Day!

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