Saturday, July 29, 2017

Chanel Rouge Coco in 410 Catherine and 432 Cécile

I have two shades of Chanel's good old Rouge Coco lipstick that I haven't yet reviewed. I heard that it was National Lipstick Day so even if it's pretty late already, I thought that I should maybe post a quick one. Lipstick is, after all, my favorite makeup.

I bought these quite awhile back, and I was supposed to write this post sometime around the holidays (over half a year ago already WOW). But I got busy doing the advent calendar feature that it got pushed back over and over until I quite forgot about it. I had intended to do a feature on lipsticks named Catherine as I've acquired three, plus a gloss... you've probably heard about the Laura Mercier set in Catherine which I briefly talked about in a recent post although I didn't include any pictures. I probably ought to remedy that and add the pictures. We'll see. Anyway, I've got some pictures of the Rouge Coco in Catherine and Cécile for you here.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Cobblestone

Looking at more new products from Laura Mercier, I discovered several new matte shades of the popular Caviar Stick Eye Colour. These new shades are called Vanilla Kiss, Blossom, Au Naturel, Fog, Caramel and my pick: Cobblestone.

The first thing I noticed when I took the Caviar Stick out of the box was the matte outer casing, making it a little different from the older shades. When I opened Cobblestone, it looked a bit more brown and less grey than I'd hoped (I considered getting Fog, as I wanted something more grayish). However, upon applying the stick to my inner arm and then smudging the color, I was pleasantly surprised at how perfect it was as a contour color. It really is a beautiful taupe, that mimics a shadow on the lid quite naturally. It's perfect as a subtle crease color. And as it can be intensified, it really, really works. Call me pleased.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Guerlain Terracotta Chic Tropic Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder

Is it just me or has there been a rather phenomenal number of bronzers released by Guerlain this summer? I tend to buy one or two every summer, usually one Chanel and one Guerlain but I feel like I've definitely acquired more this year. I quite liked the MARC JACOBS one in Tan Tastic (in the white case, part of the coconut collection) but I also tried the new NARS Seaside Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer (it's not a favorite but it wasn't a fail) and bought the wrong shade of the new Chanel Les Beiges powder (total fail). As far as appearances go, the limited edition Guerlain Terracotta Chic Tropic Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder trumps them all.

This bronzer is one of the Nordstrom Anniversary offerings so for now, it seems exclusive to this merchant. However, outside of the US, there should be many other places to get it from.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls

I've mentioned before that 2017 marks 30th anniversary of Guerlain Météorites. While the brand released the Happy Glow Pearls earlier this year, the real tribute is apparently the Birthday Candle Pearls which has finally made it to our shores!

I've seen the product trickle in slowly, with a couple of department stores now stocking it online. Mine arrived yesterday.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Laura Mercier Inner Eye Definer in Nightfall

I recently discovered that Laura Mercier has stopped making the Kohl Eye Pencils. Instead, they are now selling the new Laura Mercier Inner Eye Definer. This new pencil comes in six shades, several of which are the same (at least in name) as the old kohls, namely Black Gold, Black Navy, Black Violet, Brown Copper and Stormy Grey. They've done away with Black Turquoise and now we have Nightfall.

The formula description remains the same. It's a creamy formula that comes in a slightly thicker diameter pencil, meant for lining the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes. I was always mildly confused by this statement. What exactly is the inside of the eyelid? To me that means: waterline. And I never really put liner on my waterline because it irritates my eye and tends to get makeup on my contact lenses. So for me, the old kohl pencils meant soft, smudgeable color, great as a base for powder eyeshadow, to create depth, dimension and prolong wear.

I purchased Nightfall because I always had trouble with my Black Turquoise pencil. Application was typically patchy, like the pencil was too hard. But if I applied more pressure, I usually end up breaking the tip. This was case with a couple of the old kohl pencils. I never had this trouble with Black Gold or Brown Copper though. I thought that maybe with this version, they'd have solved the problem. But upon taking home Nightfall, I found that it had its own problems. The pencil really is quite soft but I can't seem to get a good line from it, unless I press a little harder. This results in bits of eyeliner, like little chunks, just coming off the pencil but not really adhering to my skin. And then, the impending fallout. It's terrible. I'm so unhappy with it!

Friday, July 21, 2017

BECCA Sunchaser Palette now 40% off at Ulta! Until 7-29-17 only

Today's Hot Buy at ULTA is the BECCA Sunchaser Palette. It's a trio of face and cheek colors: the bronzer in Ipanema Sunset, blusher in Apricot Blossom and Highlighter in Opal. This is a new palette for summer 2017, which they launched just last March. It is NOT an old palette.

The palette is $20 today until 7-29-17 only and at the moment of posting, it is available online and in stores. It may be easier to order it online as I'm certain that stocks are limited in stores. I worked that inventory checker before the store opened and it appeared that the nearest ULTA store to me had it in stock. When I got there, probably within 10 minutes of the store opening, the associates were unaware of this "hot buy" item and it was not on display in the front of the store as some special items tend to be. It was also not in the regular BECCA display and it took quite a bit of time and effort for the associate to locate the item in question. Their inventory checker said they had two and she eventually secured one for me. I'm just glad the store wasn't busy and that I had an associate determined to help me find what I was looking for. So props to ULTA for some good customer service today.

I just got the item and I wanted to get the word out with a few pictures as soon as I could. So for swatches on skin tone that's within 2 shades of mine, you can check out this blog here, along with a quick review. Or you could go to the BECCA website for the swatches on three different skin tones.

The ULTA store I went to is next to a Nordstrom Rack where I saw a big sign by the door saying they now carried MAC items. I decided to stop in and peruse the said MAC display and various other makeup that they carried. Came home with a neat score of Burberry blushes to complete my collection, along with a pair of boots, two cosmetic cases, MAC eyeshadows and nail polish selected by my 10 year old daughter. It's good day!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MAC Look in a Box: Saint No Angel

I grabbed one of the MAC Look in a Box sets in Saint No Angel, just to try. The set features two Little MAC lipsticks and two Little MAC Lipglasses.

I'm fairly new to the concept of little MAC but I like it a lot. They're smaller versions of the items, kind of like samples, and they're available for purchase. I don't regularly consume any full-size lip products, not even ones I love so this is a way for me to save money and still enjoy things that I like. For reference, I have the Little MAC lipstick pictured next to a regular size tube of MAC lipstick.

As for the colors, this is the nude set. There's another one called Baby Be Cool that's a cool-toned pink set. I'm on the fence about how much I like the one I picked as it's got a lot of brown (mostly, I'm having trouble with the matte lipstick in Love Me Lots). I wish it had more pink to it but I'm not sure I want to go full-on fuchsia like the other set.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Blush Glow with Mini Powder Brush

One item from Nordstrom Anniversary 2017 that I immediately knew I wanted to see was the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Blush Glow with Mini Powder Brush. My local Nordstrom has a Charlotte Tilbury counter so I was able to handle the product and swatch it in the store before I made up my mind to purchase it.

The kit is $75. The compact is the same one that the Filmstar Bronze and Glow duo has and I think the bronzer is the same one as well. (edit: I just saw the swatches on The Beauty Look Book comparing the bronzers on the three available duos and in her swatches, it looks like this new palette has the lightest bronzer. From my initial inspection, it didn't look like there was much difference between this new one and the bronzer in the Light-Medium duo. I stand corrected, but I think that it still works for subtle color on light to medium complexions.) But this offering comes with a blusher, rather than a highlighter. And I'll tell you, if you only get one item from the beauty exclusives in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it should be this one. If you were considering the Hourglass trio, for a few dollars more, just get this. You get a nice little brush too! Perhaps it's not entirely fair to compare the two but as much as I love many things Hourglass, I just think this is the better buy. The bronzer in this compact is great for gently contouring light to medium complexions and the blush is very flattering. It's got a little "glow" to it but isn't overwhelmingly sparkly or shiny. For easy dimension and color, this kit here is money.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Laura Mercier Read My Lips Lip Duos in Roses and Nudes

For Nordstrom Anniversary, Laura Mercier offers up three new items: Laura's Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette and the Read My Lips Duos. I felt like I wasn't going to use the palette much, if at all, so I zeroed in on the duos. If you're like me and you like to have matching lip liners for your lipsticks, these combos are worth a look.

The Read My Lips duos are a set of two lip items. You get a Velour Lovers Lip Colour and a Lip Pencil, both in full size. Value-wise, you're basically paying for the lipstick and getting the lip liner for free. On whether or not they are worth your time, that depends on whether or not you've tried both products before. They are part of the regular Laura Mercier line so I own several shades of both the lipstick and the liner. The lipstick is matte. So if you're not a fan of that, I definitely recommend looking elsewhere. That said, as someone who isn't necessarily big on matte, I don't find these to be overwhelmingly flat-looking or drying when on. They're ok lipsticks in a mid-range price for department store brands. But even as a regular of Laura Mercier, her lipsticks are not something I tend to buy on their own or collect. To me, the selling point is getting a liner to go with it.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sephora Collection Flash Jumbo Lip Pencils, Blush to Go and Lid & Liner Primer

I wanted to share my thoughts on a few items I ordered from Sephora recently. Here's the lot with my order. The items include a couple of Flash Jumbo pencils in matte shades and the Lid & Liner Primer. The rest are free samples.

Over the holidays, Sephora had a lip pencil set that I felt was going to make it into the regular product line and I think that this is it. I knew from experience to steer clear of the shimmer shades because they tended to leave glitter behind as the lipstick fades (not a problem with certain shades but it is not so great on others). In case they hadn't resolved that issue, I stuck with the mattes.

The two I have are both very wearable on my complexion although I prefer Rapid Nude as it is a little brighter and less brown. However, for a little definition, I found that I could use the two colors together. I outline my lips with Swift Nude and then apply Rapid Nude all over the lips after. The result is quite matte, but it looked nice. I'm not normally a fan of a very matte finish but these were palatable. The color goes on very opaque and I like that. I'd say longevity is decent. It didn't even fully come off after I'd eaten (and I attempted to remove it all with a napkin). Some people like that so I think this should have its fair share of fans.

I recently bought a revamped Laura Mercier eyeliner (I should write a post about that, hmmm somebody remind me) and as the artist was putting it on me, I mentioned that sometimes I have trouble with their liners transferring to my upper lid after a little while. After asking me if I use a primer (I sometimes do), I was told to set it with translucent powder. So when I stumbled on this $5 gem from Sephora, I had to have it. I've used it once so I'm not entirely sure what I think of it yet. I didn't get eyeliner transfer that day and my cream eyeshadow didn't crease so I guess it works. However, I used it as a setting powder for my eye makeup and not as a primer. I'll have to try several things before I can fully say this is worth it. So, perhaps more on this later.