Friday, June 2, 2017

Travel Makeup - COVER FX put to the test + Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in 227 Esquisse

On a recent trip, I decided to take all the COVER FX makeup that I had, along with other essentials. I wanted everything to fit in a somewhat small Sephora pouch so it was a rather pared down version of essentials but I needed to have everything in there for a full face, brushes and all. The only thing that didn't fit was my compact powder, which was fine because I like to have that in my purse with lipstick anyway.

The complexion products are all COVER FX. I had two shades of the cover click concealer + foundation, the enhance click highlighter in Bubbly and the pressed setting powder. I also brought my YSL Touche Eclat highlighter in 2.5 with me because it was such a perfect match for the COVER FX cover click concealer + foundation in G20. I thought that they might work particularly well together since I did not like COVER FX as an undereye concealer. And they did!

Top to bottom: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo, COVER FX click stick (the G20 tube to the left of it),
Burberry Fresh Glow, Burberry Eyebrow Pencil, YSL Touche Eclat Pen, Chanel eyeliner,
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel,
(partial picture) CT Natural Beauty Palette, COVER FX powder

COVER FX click stick in G20 (that's all there is in the full-size tube)

YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen in 2.5

If you've never seen any of the COVER FX complexion products, you'll find them in these small sticks that fit into the customizable click stick (when you remove the lid) which you can buy for $2. The click stick is absolutely optional. I bought it because the idea was cute and I wanted to see if it would really improve the experience of using the COVER FX products (it did not). Because my cover click concealer + foundation in G20 was fragile (the stick was a little smushed at the top and then broke but I put it back in), I decided to keep that covered and put the N60 and the highlighter (Bubbly) in the click stick instead.

After applying the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, I applied the COVER FX cover click concealer + foundation in G20. Straight from the tube, I just made several lines from the center of the face moving outward, blending the product in with fingers. Then I used Bubbly on the bridge of the nose, the highpoint of the cheekbones and beneath the brow. Finally, I worked N60 somewhat sparingly on the perimeter of the face, on the temples, the hollow of the cheek and any leftover on my fingers just went on the sides of the nose. On certain days, I would apply the contour product under the chin and jawbone too but I did not do that on this trip, not with these products. To set the cream products, I used the COVER FX Perfect Pressed Setting Powder in Light. One swipe with the included puff, patted lightly on areas where I applied G20 worked well. After which I applied blush.

The resulting effect of the COVER FX products was very nice and the coverage was just enough the way I applied it. I think it could have concealed some of the redness a little better but as I had some dry patches in those reddish areas as well, I didn't want to overdo the G20. I probably could have applied more but I was also wary of possible caking. I experienced none of that though and the resulting coverage that I got was acceptable for everyday. To be fair, even powdered on, the dry patches were not emphasized, and this is where the powder impressed me quite a bit. The only issue I had was with my tube of G20. Because the product is extremely creamy, if you press down a bit hard, you do smush the product quite a bit, resulting in a mess in the container. Then my tube broke. So between the mess and the breaking, there was a bit of salvaging to do. I did manage to put everything back together without dropping anything but I fear there was a little bit of product wasted. If used everyday, this tube will not last long at all. My tube of N60 and Bubbly were less fragile so I'm not sure if the creaminess differs between colors (maybe the darker colors have something in them that makes them less prone to breaking?) or with the type of product (the highlighter seems most firm and is sheerer). The weather in Boston was NOT warm so I'd be concerned if these were kept in warmer temperatures, especially if putting them in a click stick. In Florida, I simply would not.

As I am not reviewing the eye and brow products, I will skip talking at length about applying those. I've already reviewed the Burberry Brow Pencil and I'm certain I mentioned the ABH brow gel quite a number of times already over the years. I used a Chanel waterproof eyeliner (a favorite!) and the eyeshadows from the Natural Beauty Palette by Charlotte Tilbury. I also used the blush and bronzer products in that palette. All those powders were applied with some old, trusty Shiseido brushes. The number 2 blush brush is always a hit, and I had with me the number 4 and 5 eye brushes. All these brushes are very soft so they apply product sheerly. I bring these in lieu of travel-handled brushes because while these are full-size, the handles are actually on the short side so they will fit in small pouches, even if I don't bring a brush roll. I just wrap the heads in a tissue and pop them in the bag. I used a sample of CT Legendary Lashes mascara which I liked when I initially used at home but on this trip, I found that it smudged a little towards the middle of my day so if you can't apply a waterproof top coat, I don't recommend it. Some eye makeup remover and a couple of clicks on my YSL Touche Eclat Pen patched up the problem in the end. The shade 2.5, as I've mentioned, matches COVER FX G20 in color quite well. You get a seamless finish using them in combination but the pen is perfect for the undereye area because it's a much thinner consistency than the COVER FX concealer + foundation. You don't have to rub it in, just pat, and it has that Touche Eclat magic (a little luminescence). Overall, they're a match made in heaven.

The only brushes that I brought, all full-size, all by Shiseido

Finally, let's talk about the new Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in shade 227 Esquisse. This came with the cruise collection, I think. I bought it when I bought the Les Beiges powder that I just reviewed. Esquisse is a rather bright coral color that applied super creamily. I was a little overwhelmed by how bright it was, so before I left the house, I stained my lips with a much darker pink red before applying a layer of Esquisse on top. The resulting color was lovely but I had to be very careful in applying Esquisse because it was just so soft. Definitely needed a brush and some tissue for blotting because there's no way that this is a swipe and go kind of color. And if you apply loads of it, it's going to transfer on everything. For the rest of the trip, I actually opted for an old Guerlain KissKiss in Pinky Groove and another oldie but goodie, the Rouge Coco Shine in Elise, which I happened to still have in my bag. 

Overall though, I'd say the lot I brought with me worked out pretty well. COVER FX is definitely something to keep in mind if you like cream products/stick foundation. It's nice for travel because the products come in teeny tiny packages but I'd be wary if going to a warm place and I definitely would not feel comfortable tossing this into my purse to lug around everywhere. I only have two other stick foundations in my collection to compare it with right now, the Bobbi Brown one which is less creamy and has less coverage (also disappears quite quickly on me) and the HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick which has a lot of coverage but I'm not sure if I have the right color. HOURGLASS takes more work, I think. I feel like I really need a brush for it because I look so made up when I put it on. COVER FX is that happy middle in terms of coverage and performance. And that powder works really well for me. That's the one I would recommend.

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