Thursday, June 22, 2017

Revlon Kiss Balm and Sonia Kashuk Lip Pencils

Cheap thrills from Target that I've accumulated over the past year... Nothing over $8 (before tax) here. Just for fun, I've managed to pick up three variants of the Revlon Kiss Balms. I started with Berry Burst and then got Sweet Cherry. Recently, I picked up Tropical Coconut as well, because I was on my way to the beach! There's a Target gift card offer on these right now, if you spend $20. (Only until Saturday, June 24th) The Revlon Kiss Balms are $4.49 each.

I also have some Sonia Kashuk lip pencils to show you. The Velvety Matte Lip Crayons are a lot like the NARS ones that I really like. But at $7.99 apiece, I could get 3 of them for the price of one at NARS. I have two: Raspberry Nude and Candy Nude. The Lip Definers are priced the same. The two above are Petal and Hibiscus. The gift card offer works on those too. Swatches are at the end of the post.

Below, the Revlon Kiss Balm up close. The one pictured is Berry Burst. It goes on exceptionally sheer and smells very, very fruity. The scent is quite strong and can be overwhelming at times. Whenever I whip one out in the car, I always feel the need to apologize to everyone. "If you smell something coconut-y, that's the lip balm, ok?" They're scented accordingly. Berry Burst is a berry scent, Sweet Cherry is like synthetic cherry and Tropical Coconut smells like whatever fake coconut smell manufacturers have been putting out for years. I grew up with a coconut tree outside my house. I know what coconuts smell like. Fake coconut is like suntan lotion. It reminds me of the beach but it's not coconut. Just saying.

I keep buying them because sometimes I just want something sheer and new. Tropical coconut though has no discernible color, unless you count white as a tint. You'll see the swatches, I hope. They're really, really light...

L-R: Tropical Coconut (barely visible, it's white), Berry Burst, Sweet Cherry

As for the Sonia Kashuk pencils, I find them to be highly pigmented and very, very opaque. I don't find them to be moisturizing but they're also not drying. The rich pink-red pigment can leave a slight stain though. Both colors are lusciously bright.

Left: Candy Nude, Right: Raspberry Nude

The Lip Definer is more my schtick. These two shades are very wearable. I like them so much that I would wear them as lipstick, all over the entire lip, and then top with sheer lipstick or gloss. Petal has a bit more brown to it while Hibiscus is a more solid pink. Both are lovely. They do need sharpening though and they don't come with a sharpener (for eight bucks, I'm fine with that).

Left: Petal, Right: Hibiscus


  1. You grew up with a coconut tree outside your house! How fascinated!

    1. :) island life! We also had an avocado tree, an ylang ylang tree and bananas in the backyard! There were others, of course. But those were my favorites.