Thursday, June 22, 2017

Revlon Kiss Balm and Sonia Kashuk Lip Pencils

Cheap thrills from Target that I've accumulated over the past year... Nothing over $8 (before tax) here. Just for fun, I've managed to pick up three variants of the Revlon Kiss Balms. I started with Berry Burst and then got Sweet Cherry. Recently, I picked up Tropical Coconut as well, because I was on my way to the beach! There's a Target gift card offer on these right now, if you spend $20. (Only until Saturday, June 24th) The Revlon Kiss Balms are $4.49 each.

I also have some Sonia Kashuk lip pencils to show you. The Velvety Matte Lip Crayons are a lot like the NARS ones that I really like. But at $7.99 apiece, I could get 3 of them for the price of one at NARS. I have two: Raspberry Nude and Candy Nude. The Lip Definers are priced the same. The two above are Petal and Hibiscus. The gift card offer works on those too. Swatches are at the end of the post.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Urban Decay UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection

I think Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog said it best: this is UD's best collection ever. I don't normally go around buying entire collections, not even when they are on sale like these are now and yet here I am, completely tempted to grab the rest that I originally didn't get.

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection

I started with the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette which I saw her write a post about. It was a practical set of colors, with a "just for fun" shade thrown in here and there. I quite agree that the quality is there, and the packaging has the right aesthetic. Everything looks good and is good.

UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette

I stopped myself from grabbing the blush palette initially, because I still had several blushes that I hadn't opened. And yet when they went on sale, all thoughts of practicality just went out the window. Even the three lipsticks went into the basket.

The thing is, it's such a cohesive bunch. The entire collection fits. If you had only this eye palette, only the blush palette and only the lippies from the collection, your makeup would still look great because you can find the right combinations within the collection. You just can't go wrong.

I drew the line at the eyeliners because I knew I really would not use the colors. I also did not get the second eyeshadow palette. I didn't think I needed all those colors as I still had several rather colorful palettes that I hadn't even touched yet. But overall, if I had gotten everything, I mean everything, I don't think that I would have regretted it.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Travel Makeup - COVER FX put to the test + Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo in 227 Esquisse

On a recent trip, I decided to take all the COVER FX makeup that I had, along with other essentials. I wanted everything to fit in a somewhat small Sephora pouch so it was a rather pared down version of essentials but I needed to have everything in there for a full face, brushes and all. The only thing that didn't fit was my compact powder, which was fine because I like to have that in my purse with lipstick anyway.

The complexion products are all COVER FX. I had two shades of the cover click concealer + foundation, the enhance click highlighter in Bubbly and the pressed setting powder. I also brought my YSL Touche Eclat highlighter in 2.5 with me because it was such a perfect match for the COVER FX cover click concealer + foundation in G20. I thought that they might work particularly well together since I did not like COVER FX as an undereye concealer. And they did!

Top to bottom: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo, COVER FX click stick (the G20 tube to the left of it),
Burberry Fresh Glow, Burberry Eyebrow Pencil, YSL Touche Eclat Pen, Chanel eyeliner,
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara, Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel,
(partial picture) CT Natural Beauty Palette, COVER FX powder

COVER FX click stick in G20 (that's all there is in the full-size tube)

YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen in 2.5

If you've never seen any of the COVER FX complexion products, you'll find them in these small sticks that fit into the customizable click stick (when you remove the lid) which you can buy for $2. The click stick is absolutely optional. I bought it because the idea was cute and I wanted to see if it would really improve the experience of using the COVER FX products (it did not). Because my cover click concealer + foundation in G20 was fragile (the stick was a little smushed at the top and then broke but I put it back in), I decided to keep that covered and put the N60 and the highlighter (Bubbly) in the click stick instead.