Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Love, Bite Lip Set (bite multistick in Cashew and Gelato, Crème Lip Gloss in Rose Pearl)

Sephora is still currently selling this set from bite beauty called the Love, Bite Lip Set. If you haven't yet sampled their multisticks and lip glosses, this is a good start. The set itself is a good value price-wise. $42 gets you two multisticks and a lip gloss, all full-sized. You get the lot in a tin packaged with a small mirror. Bought alone, the multisticks are $24 apiece and the lip gloss is $22 so think of it as getting one full-sized item as a bonus. I bought this set because I was curious about both products but I'm keeping it on the performance of the multisticks alone, which isn't much of a discount but still works out ok for the price.

Except for the Cashew Multistick, I had a difficult time photographing these products for color accuracy. The swatches tell the story though, so I wouldn't fuss too much about individual product pictures.

The multisticks are basically a cream product with a powder finish. They can be used on lips and cheeks. I think lids too, but I didn't try that because I didn't think the colors would work well for me that way. Normally, I stay away from products like this. I rarely use cream blush because I find that the best way to apply them involves using fingers and my cheeks can be pretty touch-sensitive. And usually, multi-use products means they perform well as one but not the other. In this case, I think this product is perfectly useable as both blush and lip color. Nice surprise!

I've decided to invest in a beauty.blusher by beautyblender. This really helped in blending out the multisticks. I tried applying it by dotting my cheek directly with the product and then sort of spreading it out with fingers and finally blurring the edges with the beautyblender. I also tried just taking a bit of product, warming it with fingers and then dotting my cheek with the warmed up product before finishing with the beautyblender and thought that method actually worked better. It's just a little messier and wastes more product. Both colors can be blended out to a natural effect, which is very nice. I prefer the warm Cashew though. It's a rosier sort of brown compared to Gelato, which has a fair bit of that taupe shining through the mauve. Gelato kind of reminds me of the lipstick in Cava, which worn alone, makes me look like a corpse. So if you like Cava, Gelato is a very complementary shade.

I've worn both Cashew and Gelato as blush without any problems with application or longevity. When I wear the blush, I add a touch to my lips as well. I don't like to wear these as lipstick by themselves though. It gives a really matte look that I'm not a fan of and the colors are simply not lively enough, in my opinion. But I find Cashew as a nice base layer to any sheer gloss (kind of where the Burberry Lip Contour products failed, these thrive). Gelato requires a bit more work for me because of the color. I tend to blot more of it off after application. But I'm happy to use it as a blusher.

Now the lip gloss, that's another matter entirely. I might be in the minority here but I didn't like it at all :( I found that it applied somewhat patchy unless maybe I put gobs and gobs of it on. The metallic look was never meant to look natural, I understand, but metallic and duo chrome is a bit much for everyday for me. I just don't think I would have any use for it. If that's your game though, you're going to love it.

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