Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chanel Ombre Première Eyeshadows: Noir Pétrole and Bronze Antique

So I've had a week to play with this new stuff: two items from Chanel's Ombre Première collection of eyeshadows. The rest that I've ordered have all arrived and I should be able to go through the pictures soon but I'll start off with the first two that I received and have used repeatedly.

If you're familiar with one of my favorite eye makeup looks, one I always go back to, it's Laura Mercier's Black Gold eyeliner smudged with black powder eyeshadow, topped with gold cream eyeshadow and then layered with a satin peach and taupe for dimension. The peach and taupe are completely optional, and the highlight color I use varies, depending on what's handy. The most integral part of the look is a black/gold base and I thought, well, if Lucia Pica says these items are meant for layering, then let's layer!

Noir Pétrole. So amazing. I bought the eyeliner... three times. I know, I know. Why did I never write a post about it? Well, for starters, I got it really late into the game, when it was basically sold out. See, I didn't really love the Coco Codes collection. I just bought the Élégance blush and thought I'd seen everything I wanted off it. Then I read blog after blog after blog saying Noir Pétrole the eyeliner was IT. I managed to find a store that still sold it, ordered it and then ordered two more when I realized that since I got it, it was the only eyeliner I wanted to use. Mind you, I'm not into ordering backups of anything. I almost never do that. I always say, by the time I use one item up, I'll have a new favorite. There is no point in buying more than one. But with spring allergies at its worst yet again this year, it seemed that Chanel's Stylo Yeux was the only line that didn't irritate my eyes or mess up my contact lenses and it lasted the entire day. I was so psyched to be able to get the same color in a cream eyeshadow.

Left: Noir Pétrole Cream Eyeshadow, Right: Noir Pétrole Eyeliner

So, Noir Pétrole the eyeliner and Noir Pétrole the cream eyeshadow, are they the same? I'd say for the most part, yes. Do you need both? Not sure. I'd say if you would happily wear the eyeliner smudged all over your lid, then you don't. But that's going to get expensive. So if you like the eyeliner that much, I'd say yes yes, get the eyeshadow too!

Chanel Ombre Première Powder Eyeshadow in Bronze Antique

Here's the layering technique: First apply the eyeliner. You can have it on your lash line and then above it, applied messily is ok since you'd cover up the rest of the area with the eyeshadow anyway. Then, apply the cream eyeshadow from the base of the lid up to the crease and blend into the crease. It can go above the crease a little and that's fine, as long as you blend it nicely. When you blend that crease area, do it well and do it fast because once Noir Pétrole the cream eyeshadow sets, you can't fix it. Then, apply the Bronze Antique powder eyeshadow over the lid. You can call it a day or add a highlight for your brow bone and/or the inner corner. You can add another shade, like a taupe, to the crease, to punch it up some more. And if you want to do the bottom lash line, start with the Noir Pétrole eyeliner and top with the Bronze Antique eyeshadow. You can always use a different eyeliner but that's going to change the look a little. If anything, I'd just go with a basic black, black-brown or charcoal applied to the upper lash line. You could try lining the lower lash line with the cream eyeshadow, although I haven't tried that.

I have to apologize for the lack of a picture of the completed eye look, in case you were expecting one. It's not the norm for me because it's hard for me to get those close shots and I really don't have the time to do the look, set up a tripod etc. I put on my makeup as I would on a regular day, and then I write about it. I wouldn't purposely do a look so I can take pictures for my blog. The blog documents what I buy and use, how I use it, not the other way around, which I guess is what a lot of bloggers do (meaning, they put on the makeup so they can take pictures for their blog). Makeup can be about play, so it matters little to me how people want to do it. But if you want to see what the look is like, you could try it?

Chanel Ombre Première Powder Eyeshadow in Bronze Antique

Chanel Ombre Première Cream Eyeshadow in Noir Pétrole

L-R: Bronze Antique, Bronze Antique over Noir Pétrole cream eyeshadow,
Bronze Antique over Noir Pétrole Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner

So anyway, with these two eyeshadows from the collection, I went with my own layering combination and not one of the combinations that they show you on the website. The powder eyeshadows that they paired with the Noir Pétrole cream eyeshadow are Gris Anthracite, Verde and Blue Jean, the latter being the one that Kristen Stewart is wearing.

Performance is excellent on these. They come with applicators that are useable but not necessary if you prefer using your own tools. I think I like these creams better than the Illusion D'Ombre line. They are similar but seem less crumbly. Color-wise though, I feel that these are a little less multi-dimensional than the old stuff, dare I say a bit ordinary. But as I've said time and again, change is difficult. I got interested in Chanel when Peter Philips came on board and since he'd gone, I've had trouble absorbing entire collections by Lucia Pica. With her, it's like off-tangent (red? lots and lots of red: eyes, cheeks and lips???) or ordinary. I would grab one or two things and stop there. The use of Kristen Stewart may appeal to a certain sector but that didn't help, in my case. In part, it's the way that the makeup is applied on her that makes me want to not buy certain products. I see the editorial possibilities but I'm a real woman, who lives and walks in the real world. That blue eyeshadow? NO.

What I did get are the cream eyeshadows in Scintillance, Silver Pink and Pourpre Profond. To pair, I picked up the powder eyeshadows in Flesh and Talpa. I have something else in mind for Pourpre Profound (certainly not Désert Rouge, because I really don't want red eyeshadow) and I have to test it because I wasn't entirely sure what the color would look like when it arrived. In the swatches I have, I feel that Noir Pétrole photographed warmer than what it seems like to my eye. There is a little bit of that much-needed multi-dimensionality to that one, compared to the rest of the colors in the collection. I hope to go through the pictures soon so I can at least have the swatches up. In the meantime, it's more playtime for me with these new Chanel Ombre Première eyeshadows!

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