Saturday, April 29, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Face Palettes

If you've been following, you may know that Charlotte and I didn't exactly get off to a great start. It was that darned Pillow Talk Lip Liner and the mini lipsticks I got for Christmas one time. Nonetheless, I can't name a single brand whose every product I liked. While I'm still not hot about Charlotte Tilbury lip products, these "Instant Look in a Palette" palettes are really nice. I have all three to show you.

The first one out was the Natural Beauty palette and it remains my favorite. It's the one I always pick to bring along whenever I'm going away. For me, there's no wrong color in it. I use every single item in it happily. The eye "brighten" shade on that palette (upper left) is actually the most used item I have in it and it's the one color that I wish all three palettes had. It's because I prefer to use a shade like that for the brow bone area and as a base color, and I prefer mattes over shimmer shades. It's the only matte eye color in all three palettes. I do use all three eye colors in the Natural Beauty palette. I'll admit that they're light. Very light. It suits me fine though, as I'm generally fair and for everyday, I tend to use minimal eye makeup.

The cheek colors are kind of small so I tend to just use the two together, as opposed to doing the whole swish and pop routine. And then I sweep some bronzer on to define the cheekbones a little. I bought this new Wayne Goss brush set and there's this one brush, the no. 14, which I cannot put down. It's the one I use on the blush and bronzer on this palette. The brushes in that new Face Set are small so using it with this palette is totally fine. (Yep, you'll need small face brushes for these palettes.) I don't use the highlighter much though, not on any of the three palettes. I prefer some Guerlain Météorites for that purpose.

The nice thing about these palettes is the size. It's such a good size for travel, with a mirror you can use to put on the rest of your makeup. All you need is some foundation, some eyeliner, mascara, something to groom the brows with and some lipstick. You've got everything for a full face! Any lip color I use goes with it. I can see that it isn't for everyone though. Anyone even a half a shade darker than me might say it won't show up at all. So, maybe the second palette is more your speed...

The Seductive Beauty palette I got came with a mascara sample. I actually really liked the mascara. It's the Legendary Lashes one. Sadly, the box came apart at some point so I had to toss it. I like to keep the boxes whenever possible. The colors in this palette are a little deeper compared to the Natural Beauty one. However, I use them exactly the same way. I get a little more color out of Seductive Beauty and the eye look is more defined using the darker colors but because of that one eyeshadow shade (the "brighten" one), I like the Natural Beauty palette better. The bronzer shade might be the same. They look the same when on anyway. But the highlighter on this one is a little warmer. The Non-Blonde has pictures and swatches of this second palette (the Dolce Vita, as marketed by Nordstrom for the Anniversary Sale last year) if you click here. She also has an amusing review and Face of the Day here. I hope she doesn't mind my linking.

Speaking of warm, the third palette, the just-released Beauty Glow palette is definitely the warm palette in the bunch. The eye colors, especially the middle "enhance" shade is really warm. Peachy. The "pop" shade (bottom) in the cheek duo looks similar to the one in the Seductive Beauty palette but the swish shade looks a bit terracotta. Ironically, the bronze and highlight on it seem lighter than the bronze and highlight colors of the previous palettes. I don't know why they would do that since the bronzer is really not too dark on the Natural Beauty palette. I really couldn't care less about the highlight color since I probably won't use it but the cheek colors, combined with the bronzer shade don't make much sense to me. My main advice however, is, if you don't look good in warm colors, this might not be for you.

The nearest Nordstrom store to me finally has a Charlotte Tilbury counter, which is nice, I guess. At least now I can see the stuff in person before buying anything, if I have to. My annoyance with pushy sales representatives and the unnecessary blast of "events" has made me stay away from counters now. Am I just becoming more anti-social with age? They need a Burberry counter though. That way, I could have avoided the mistake I made with those Lip Contours I reviewed yesterday. The thing that really annoys me is when they start calling you, when you're not asking them to. One time, I even got a call on my cellphone! That was the last straw. I realize that I mistakenly gave my cellphone out to the Chanel girl the one time. She left but someone apparently inherited her "list" and tried to call my cell. I have one girl that I'm loyal to, and she works for Laura. But even she doesn't call me. She put me in a Do Not Call list, I think. If she needs to push something, she sends an email. When I need something, I call her. I'd like to keep it that way. Kind of like when you're shopping at Sephora. When I need help, they are there. They offer help, a lot, and that's fine. But mostly, I'm left to shop on my own. Nobody calls me. So now, with the exception of Laura Mercier products, I pretty much just get all my makeup online, Sephora or Ulta (which could be online too). It's hit or miss, but with these Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Face Palettes, I'd say it's pretty much a hit. Thank God for that.

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