Friday, April 28, 2017

Burberry Lip Colour Contour

I bought three shades of the Burberry Lip Colour Contour on the strength of such fantastic reviews on the Nordstrom website. First, I ordered Medium No. 3 because in the swatch provided by Nordstrom, it looked like it would be pink. But when it arrived, it was really, really brown. I didn't want to use it.

Light No. 2 came back in stock and so I ordered that one, hoping that it would be a lighter brown since the "swatch" pictured looked like a light tan/beige. It arrived and it too was brown and not much less so than the Medium No. 3. I was left scratching my head...

Right before Sephora's Beauty Insider discount ended, Sephora finally got them in stock and on a last ditch effort to make something work, I ordered Fair No. 1. It arrived and, well, you know what happened. It was brown.

I've been using makeup for many years that I thought I could figure out what to do with these without any "professional" help. But I'm just not about to jump back into the brown lipstick bandwagon. Nope. Those days are DONE. What I need is a proper lip product that will keep lipstick and gloss from dripping down the sides of the mouth and I really thought that these might do the job. Burberry doesn't have a lip primer product like the Guerlain LipLift Lip Primer (which I thought these might be a substitute for) or MAC's Prep + Prime Lip and I thought that they finally decided to come out with one. But these are more like a brown lip liner that you can use to outline your lips. (Well, that IS what the product description says.) You can put it on the lips or maybe even outside the lip, since it is brown. Not sure how that would work out outside the lip but it seems logical that there could be a product for contouring the lip that way since there are highlighting products that work for that purpose that you would put on the cupid's bow.

I tried to put this all over the lips, as was original intention for buying them. Again, I'm just following what the write up says to do with it. However, even the lightest shade changed the color of my lipstick and made it more... brown. Used alone, it is brown. Brown, brown, brown. And let me tell you, other than orange lipstick, the only other "normal" lip color I really don't like on me is brown. I'd wear orange before I wear brown. I might even wear purple lips before I go out in brown. No, Burberry Oxblood doesn't count because that is not brown. It's close and it's not a favorite either. Brown clothes, I like. Brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, all fine. But brown lipstick, NO NO NO.

My definition of "nude lipstick" is pink/beige or even light tan with a hint of pink/peach so this is clearly a case of me having the wrong expectations of this product. However, if your natural lips are darker and you like going out in brown lipstick, you may like it. There's even a Dark shade (No. 4), if you really want to go there. I'll keep Fair No. 1 and use it as a lip liner but the rest are going back.


  1. It is good , that you can return them.

    1. I haven't yet but I don't return a lot of things so I don't usually have problems returning anything when I have to. I just feel like it's too much money spent on something I have no use for. Otherwise, I would just keep it or give it away.

    2. I understand you. I have the same beliefs about money spending.