Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sephora Collection Sweet Balm (Pink, Coral and Violet)

I walked into Sephora the other day looking for some cheap thrills. I usually have a list when we go shopping in Delaware (tax-free) but I really didn't have anything in mind to buy then. At checkout, I found these tinted lip balms and decided to grab all the shades that I could find. You know, in case I loved them and wanted them all. They only had one tester and I wasn't about to put that on my lips so I figured, at $6 a pop, it wouldn't hurt to just grab them all now.

I couldn't unwrap that thing fast enough when I left the store. What was it that enticed me so much? It was the nostalgic packaging. Sliding that button down to bring up the product always calls to mind awesome times in the 90s, grabbing lipstick at the drugstore in San Francisco with my cousin when she was taking classes at Berkeley.

Sweet Coral was a pleasant surprise. I'm always trying to avoid orange lips and I was so happy that this actually looked coral on me. It had enough pink not to look so orange and the pigment was perfect. It's got more oomph than your average Chapstick and it's made in Italy. I find the synthetic vanilla scent comforting. It reminds me of the old MAC lip conditioner that came in a pot. They don't make those anymore but I loved those for the way they smelled.

Sweet Pink was a milky pink that pulled mostly warm but was the sheerest of the bunch. It's actually my least favorite because I like more pigment but that doesn't take points away, in my opinion. Sweet Violet scared me a little but I was in for a treat. This was a cool pink when on. All three glided on very nicely and felt comfortable on the lips. I don't expect it to be long-lasting and it isn't but it lasts long enough for trips to the supermarket and other short errands. I just remove the whole thing before I eat and reapply after.

Overall, the Sweet Balms offered me a trip down memory lane and a nice go-to lip color for low-key days. They'd be great to carry around for touch-ups if you don't want to lug around a heavy lipstick case. They are very light. However, I'd be careful when tossing these into a bag or purse. The top cover seems a little fragile that if you accidentally poked it with something, it could get messed up. I already saw some of them sort of bashed in when I was picking out my colors so I made sure to pick ones that looked well-intact. I'm also uncertain how well the mechanism will hold up. I haven't had any problems with it but I've been careful and I have three of them to rotate. If they made a couple more colors, maybe a red and a neutral pink beige, I'd grab them for sure.

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