Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sephora Collection Sweet Balm (Pink, Coral and Violet)

I walked into Sephora the other day looking for some cheap thrills. I usually have a list when we go shopping in Delaware (tax-free) but I really didn't have anything in mind to buy then. At checkout, I found these tinted lip balms and decided to grab all the shades that I could find. You know, in case I loved them and wanted them all. They only had one tester and I wasn't about to put that on my lips so I figured, at $6 a pop, it wouldn't hurt to just grab them all now.

I couldn't unwrap that thing fast enough when I left the store. What was it that enticed me so much? It was the nostalgic packaging. Sliding that button down to bring up the product always calls to mind awesome times in the 90s, grabbing lipstick at the drugstore in San Francisco with my cousin when she was taking classes at Berkeley.

Sweet Coral was a pleasant surprise. I'm always trying to avoid orange lips and I was so happy that this actually looked coral on me. It had enough pink not to look so orange and the pigment was perfect. It's got more oomph than your average Chapstick and it's made in Italy. I find the synthetic vanilla scent comforting. It reminds me of the old MAC lip conditioner that came in a pot. They don't make those anymore but I loved those for the way they smelled.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Benefit Cosmetics new stuff! (Dandelion Twinkle, Hoola Lite and They're Real! Double the Lip Lipstick & Liner in One - Lusty Rose)

I feel like I just typed the longest ever post title. I should have kept it at new stuff but I try to put the actual products in the post as part of the title so it's easier for me to sort through them when I need the info. Yey, Benefit has some new things for us...

I ordered the box of Dandelion Twinkle from Sephora over the weekend and got the lipstick for free (a $10 value!). Score! The item I received as a GWP is available for purchase and I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger right when I saw it. Dandelion Twinkle is noted as a Sephora exclusive and Hoola Lite is now available for purchase as well. I got my box of Hoola Lite over the weekend at an Ulta store. I think they got it first since I had seen it available on their website well before Sephora had it.

My initial use of the products has left me underwhelmed. I don't know what I was expecting of Dandelion Twinkle but I was disappointed. Below, the swatch on a sheet of Kleenex. It doesn't look shimmery and it seems like it would have good pigmentation but it's completely deceptive. It's a shimmery powder highlighter. On the box it says "nude-pink powder highlighter & luminizer" so that should level any expectations. I would only use it on the highpoints of the face since it's too shimmery for allover use. Without foundation on, I also felt like it emphasized some of the texture on my cheeks. But it works well on the bridge of the nose.

Hoola Lite was more my speed. I never thought myself ridiculously fair, but the original Hoola always did feel a little bit too dark for my needs. Hoola Lite is much easier for me to use. In a way, it's like a too dark face powder and I could probably buff it over my entire face with a large, super fluffy brush, similar to how I would use the Chanel Les Beiges powder. The box describes it as a "light powder bronzer for face" and that is exactly what it is.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in Hibiscus

One of the last few new releases before Bobbi Brown's departure from her namesake brand is the Luxe Lip Color line. I tried one of them at the store when I had a few minutes with the Bobbi Brown rep at Sephora and I liked it a lot but I did not purchase a tube at the time because I felt like I didn't need another neutral pink lipstick. The next time I went back in, to purposely look at the line, I plucked Hibiscus from the shelf and simply crossed my fingers that I would like the color.

Sephora's website describes Hibiscus as a plum wine. I thought it more a plum brown. But over and above the color, what's worth mentioning here is how richly and beautifully this lipstick applies. You get full on color in one swipe. It's moisturizing and long lasting too. That's a combination that you don't normally hear often. It's so comfortable to wear and looks fabulous on.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Chanel Joues Contraste 370 Élégance

Chanel's spring summer makeup collection for 2017 has some very nice things. However, what's come out a clear favorite for me has been this awesome blush, the Chanel Joues Contraste in 370 Élégance.

Chanel Joues Contraste in 370 Élégance (natural/warm lighting)

The day I purchased the three Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur pencils, I looked over the blushes as well. I thought about getting Jersey, which had been kind of on my list for awhile but I just never pulled the trigger. When I saw Élégance, and how similar the two were, I had to ask the Chanel associate if she could tell me the difference. Of course, now I can't remember exactly what she said (LOL, my aging self), was it that one was a little darker or a little warmer or had a little shimmer? Either way, when faced with similar products, I always try to get the newer one. So Élégance came home with me. 

Chanel Élégance in neutral lighting

I love, love, love this blush! I'd been buying all these pink blushers and dozens of highlighters and finishing powders that I had forgotten how beautiful a subdued, warm light brown looks on my skin tone. Added bonus: seems to go with any lipstick I put on (Rouge Dior Saint Germain and the Jumbo Lip Crayon in Rose Violine are favorite partners for it) and lasts ALL DAY. I have a box full of untried blushers and blush palettes but this is the one I leave on my vanity now. When in doubt, go Élégance.