Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sephora Collection Kiss & Makeup Lipstick Pencil Set

Today's feature is a special set by Sephora's house brand Sephora Collection and if you want this, I say grab it now while it's $14! $18 as I don't think the price will go down any further and it will soon become out of stock.

I purchased mine during the VIB sale, when the set was still $28. They put the actual value at $50 and I'll tell you why. You have 10 mini lip pencils in the set, each with .05 oz or 1.4 g of product. They can be twisted up, unlike the Clinique Chubby set which I was originally going to buy, except I couldn't find any in the store so I went for this set instead. When you twist it up completely, you will find that you have about an inch total product out. Regardless, the reason I'm seeing for the actual value that they advertise is because Sephora sold a similar product, the Sephora Collection Glossy Lip Pencil, which is regularly $10/0.10 oz. I purchased one of those on sale at $5, in the shade Raspberry, and I really like it. I don't currently see them selling any of the lip pencils in the Kiss & Makeup set as individual colors. I'm waiting though... and I'll tell you which ones you need to get if they ever do become available individually.

The strength of the set lies in the non-glittery colors which I'll say are more lipstick than gloss. The finish is satiny, not matte. These are the colors you'll want to get, if they sell them individually. I swatched them for you below.

The other half of the set consists of the shimmer shades, which are basically lip gloss pencils. They are low on pigment, high on glitter and they do leave glitter bits on your lips as they wear away. I'm not going to knock off points for that as I have a full-size glossy lip pencil with glitter that I wear quite often because it's convenient. You get a little color on and you don't have to worry about it looking perfect. Admittedly though, some of the shimmer shades in the set are not as easy to wear so I would suggest pairing them with other colors as a topper. You could also break the set up into five combinations to give away. Pick one of the dark colors that have no glitter and pair it with one of the shimmery shades and you give the receiver 3 ways to wear color. Win-win.

L-R above and below:
01 Russet Red, 02 Crimson Crush, 03 Punchy Pink (shimmer), 04 Glacial Purple,
05 Arctic Apricot (shimmer), 06 Polar Pink (shimmer), 07 Merry Mauve (shimmer),
08 Pink About It (shimmer) 09 Russet Red, 10 Gingerbread Brown

My personal favorite is 04 Glacial Purple. If that comes out as a solo, I will be on it like a comet. (I'm quoting Miles from Tomorrowland. I have kids, that's my excuse.) It isn't as heavily pigmented as the other non-shimmer shades but it is so easy to wear. It's just the kind of color I'd keep in my purse in case I need a quick dose of makeup and I haven't any on. It's a beige pink with hints of mauve, not really a purple, in my opinion.

My second favorite would be 01 Russet Red because it's a beautiful, holiday-ready red that's opaque enough in one coat. I did find it a bit uncomfortably drying after I'd had it on awhile but if you prep your lips properly, I don't think that will do any real damage. My lips are fine after using it.

At $18, even if you won't love each and every color in the set, I think it's worth it. I'm tempted to grab another box. But I'm done with Christmas shopping and personally have way too much lipstick as it is so I'm stopping myself. Day 10 is a happy day though!

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