Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rouge Dior Couture Colour Lipstick in 060 Première

Have you tried the reformulated Rouge Dior lipstick yet? I got my first taste right around the launch with the color Saint Germain and I loved it! It's almost always in my purse. I hemmed and hawed, picking out another color because there was really quite the selection of nudes but I didn't want anything too similar and I didn't like the red one that they keep pushing (got a sample of that). Well, matte is not my thing so back to the nudes...

Rouge Dior Couture Colour Lipstick 060 Première

I finally decided on shade 060 Première, which I imagined to be a very pink shade of nude. But as it turned out, it's even more pink in person. It's more pink than nude, and truth be told, I would say it's got enough red in there to be called a rose shade. I shouldn't complain because I'm a sucker for a good rose. It's just not what I expected.

Normally, I'm not too hot about going all matchy-matchy with my shirt and my lipstick. I did it when I wore the Burberry Kisses in Parade Red but that was for holiday pictures. When I put on the bright pink (almost fuchsia) sweatshirt, I did not envision that the lip color I had picked for the day would match it so well. I always think, when wearing bright pink, I should go with a more nude pink lip, which what I thought Première was going to be. But yeah, I walked into Starbucks with my matching sweatshirt and lipstick. No biggie.

I did encounter a slight problem with Première that I thought was worth mentioning as I did not experience this with Saint Germain. I thought that my lips were in ok shape that I put it on without any kind of lip prep and there it was, clinging to all the dry patches and overall, just not looking smooth. I had to wipe it off, prep the lips with Aquaphor, and after 15- 20 minutes, I attempted to put my new Rouge Dior on again. This time though, since I had a better idea of the color (not being the nude that I thought it was going to be), I first lined the lips with my Rose lip liner from Revlon. I filled in some parts of the upper lip with the pencil as well, but just outlined the bottom lip. The result was definitely better than when I had put Première on by itself. The color was more intense and defined, which looked very nice. So I guess I'm not buying anymore Rouge Dior lipsticks for now. The ones I have are a varied enough sample of the lot of colors. Saint Germain, however, remains my favorite.

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