Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 005 Muse

For day 6, I have the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in the shade Muse. I picked up a bunch of these during one of Target's cosmetics sales. They have a nice selection of colors and don't break the bank. I thought Muse would offer a nice respite from the many reds and plums that I've added to my advent calendar. Muse is a cooler pink, borderline fuchsia.

The lipstick itself applies somewhat sheerly. When built up to about 3 layers, it reaches almost full opacity. However, the texture is very strange. It looks velvety but remains sticky all throughout, almost as if it never dries. Yet, this is no gloss. This is a solid lipstick. I don't think I have ever encountered any lipstick with the same finish and feel.

For the swatch above, I had to swipe the lipstick 3 times on my inner arm. It looks ok when you initially put it on but this formula does not wear well. It starts to look uneven after awhile and if you press your lips together, it feels as if the top and bottom lip stick together a little and makes the unevenness even worse. The worst part is that it leaves a stain that is very hard to get off. I put it on around 2 in the afternoon, had two meals, and made two deliberate attempts to remove any remaining pink residue on my lips using Aquaphor, wiping off with a tissue. I've showered and gotten ready for bed. At almost 11PM, I feel like there's still little bits left here and there. My inner arm is still stained, as are my lips. I am very, very unhappy.

Of all the lip products that I've opened in my advent calendar, the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick has to be the one I most regret having purchased. I almost wonder if I could still return the three that I have purchased but I think I'll settle for returning just the one that I haven't opened. These bad boys look completely harmless in the tube but I have to say, stay away.

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