Saturday, December 3, 2016

NUDESTIX #BerryNudeLips Mini Set

When a friend living in New Zealand (oops, apparently it is now Australia where she lives) happily recommended NUDESTIX as her lip color of choice, I thought I needed to get on that train and just try something. A good nude and a good berry color in a set sounds like a fantastic way to start so I set my eyes on the #BerryNudeLips mini set from Sephora. However, the nearest Sephora store ran out of the set when I came in during the sale and I ended up getting mine at Sephora in Times Square (the smaller, less busy one of the two Times Square stores) when I was in New York with a friend.

In the box, you get a cute tin with a mirror on the inside of the lid. Included are three minis and a sharpener. So, everything you need in one package. What's particularly nice about the set is that you not only get to try three very different colors but also three different finishes: a cream, a gel and a matte.

Despite the odd choice of shade name, I thought Sin would be my favorite, so that was the first one I put it on. Once on, I realized that it actually looked very matte. It wasn't even labeled the intense matte color, just a cream. However, I will say that it applied very smoothly and richly. It was a total joy to put on my lips and was less drying than the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil from the day before. It totally matched the bleeding blemish on the side of my face but all that aside, the color is a winner. I love a good rose.

Raven is the Intense Matte Lip + Cheek color. It is described as a rich plum and because I had hoped for berry-inspired nudes in the set, this one intimidated me a little. I wouldn't put it on my cheeks but it was worth a try on the lips.

Raven is definitely a night time shade. The color is very intense. The formula is heavily-pigmented although somewhat lightweight on the lips, which is good. It is a true matte. After putting it on, I actually ended up putting on a full face of makeup because it is just one of those colors that kind of calls for it. Raven + bare face = not good. This shade requires a flawless complexion. Otherwise, the color will make any redness and blemishes on your skin seem even more apparent. It's also deep enough that you will need to do a somewhat heavy brow to balance it out. Finally, a decent dose of blush that will keep your flawless complexion from looking washed out. Once I got all that done, I had a better appreciation for Raven. It is another beautiful color. However, I'm not too thrilled about the stain that it leaves and the fact that it's drying, like the NARS pencil from the day before.

The mini Gel Lip + Cheek Balm in Pulse brought me back to my comfort zone. A glossy nude that's silky smooth to apply and not drying, everything I like in a lip pencil. My only concern is that it is a little too brown for me. I'm not fond of the brown lip look. It brings me back to the 90s, which back then, I suppose it looked ok on my youthful self. Today, browns make me look and feel old. Browns don't brighten up the face, which is what I need from lip color these days. Contrary to the first two I put on, Pulse had a lovely formula, but was just not my color.

And the swatches below:

Overall, no regrets on the purchase. The pencils definitely have promise and I have a feeling that there will be more NUDESTIX purchases in my future.

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