Friday, December 2, 2016

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine

NARS is known to give funky shade names to its products and in truth, that has actually stopped me from buying certain things for years. This lip pencil is one of those things that I have avoided purchasing. However, I do find NARS lip pencils to be among the best in its category and sooner or later, a pink mauve would have gotten me anyway so here we are.

What gets me is that the color stripe on the bottom of the pencil gave me the impression that this would be more of a pink beige than a mauve. It photographs warmer too so it's quite confusing when you look at it and look at pictures. However, when I first put it on, I immediately agreed with the Sephora description of pink mauve. That is the perfect way to describe the color and it's a color that I genuinely like.

Oddly, when I put on a couple of layers, I felt that the finish was sheerer than I expected. When I tried to add more layers, it just started looking uneven, that is, more concentrated on the outer part of the lip and sheerer on the inner part. I guess the lesson here is, when working with this pencil, one layer is quite enough and make sure the lip isn't too moisturized or it doesn't adhere well.

I buy these NARS Lip Pencils, despite not being fond of the matte finish, because I tend to use them as a base layer or lip liner. Adding a shiny, sheer lip color on top changes everything. This particular shade felt drying after I had it on for less than an hour, even after I had prepped my lips very well. If I hadn't moisturized prior to application, I'm sure it would have looked better but would feel even more drying. Either way, putting a gloss on top remedies that issue. I used an inexpensive twist-up gloss pencil from Sephora and that did the trick. The only other thing I would improve, if I could, would be to make it a twist-up pencil so that it won't need to be sharpened. Sharpening wastes quite a bit of product and at $26, it gets expensive if I have to sharpen it frequently since I'd go through the pencil quickly if I used it daily.

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