Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick in C106

Make Up For Ever's latest lipstick formula is another high pigment delight. I was actually very excited to try out a color of my choosing (having received samples of colors I didn't pick myself). I went to Sephora with a friend and after swatching several of what looked like nude pinks on my hand, I settled on C106.

The formula itself, I can't really complain about. Rich pigment, a buttery glide, the softest sheen and quite the array of shades to choose from, what's not to love? So I was surprised when I put C106 on for the first time because... it did not look like what I expected it to look like when on. It's one of those colors that look perfect when swatched on the hand or arm and then starts to pull orangey when I have it on. I wanted to scream.... NOOOOOOOOO! Because this wasn't a shot in the dark. I took my time picking this color out in the store! AND I used my VIB Rouge gift (you know, the $25 discount?) on this purchase! What am I going to do?!!!!

I used to have this policy where if something doesn't make me 100% happy, I consider returning it. But since I've ended up waiting months to actually use some items that I buy, I now end up keeping things that are just ok. I really like this formula. Maybe the smell, not so much. It's mild though, so not a deal breaker. But as my expectations of the color were not met, I may see what can be done to fix that. Here's another look. You can see, it doesn't even photograph the same. I have several pictures of this lipstick and in some it pulls more pink, in some it looks peach and still others, it looks rosy. The last picture below feels like the most accurate depiction of the color. 

Don't get me wrong. C106 is a perfectly good color. Some people may even love this color. It's just that I find it to be too warm. I wanted a nude pink, maybe even something more mauve but not very brown. This looks more like a nude peach on my lips. My mistake, I guess, was that I went to the store simply to swatch colors. I did not put anything on. I do get wary of testers. I know how much bacteria they can harbor. In the season of the cold and flu virus, the last thing I want is to catch a bug because I was trying on lipstick at the store. Time to test out that return policy, eh?

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