Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lipstick Queen (Saint) Sheer Lipstick in Saint Rose

I'm new to Lipstick Queen and it took me a long time to decide on which item to buy. I figured that I would go with one of the regular lipsticks so it was a choice between Saint (sheer) and Sinner (opaque). After trying on a few, I went with Saint Rose.

In the store, I really liked how it applied but this tube I brought home seems to have more slip than I remember the tester having. Maybe my lips were dry when I was trying out colors in the store and now that they're moisturized and without stains, I'm seeing the lipstick's true nature. It's an easy to apply, neutral rose color that's pretty sheer. I didn't really detect any taste but the smell was neither pleasant nor particularly unpleasant. It smells kind of like Vaseline, maybe a little like candle wax? If I really think about it, it does bother me a little.

I'm not sure how I feel about the tube either. It's got this matte finish and a slightly rubbery feel to it. It looks ok and is about the size of a regular lipstick. But again... a little something about it bothers me.

I came into this purchase thinking I was going to fall in love with the product and I ended up a little disappointed. In the first two hours that I had it on, I reapplied it four times. Four times?! Even for me, that's a bit of a record. Granted, I had a drink and later on, a meal. But even my old Bite Luminous Creme lipsticks seem to last longer and have more pigment than this. I'm not normally fussed by lip color that needs to be reapplied several times through the day, especially if the lipstick is a joy to apply, but it's a bit much with this. It does not make me happy to reapply it.

It's a mid-price brand, more expensive than MAC, cheaper than Bobbi Brown and sold by ULTA. Because of the positioning, I expected more but in the end, I feel that it's another rather ordinary product that should be sold at a lower price point (certainly not more expensive than MAC, probably better if along the $12-15 range). I paid almost five times what a NYX Butter Lipstick costs for a tube of Lipstick Queen's Saint Rose. I do expect more.

I recently got a sample of Frog Prince and having opened and used Saint Rose, I'm now no longer excited to see more from the brand. Sorry, Poppy. Thumbs down on this one :(

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