Monday, December 5, 2016

Guerlain Rouge G Intense Shine Lipstick in Rouge Saphir

Oh my goodness! Yesterday went by in such a haze. I came home way too tired to write anything. However, I feel like I had a fantastic day filled with lots of makeup and other wonderful things. I left the house almost 2 hours early for a dinner date and decided to see if my favorite associate at Laura Mercier was around and available to do a makeover. It was the day of the Nordstrom 10 point party and the store was buzzing with all that pre-order activity (or it could just be that it was Saturday). Getting a makeover was a chance for me to sample some products that I had been wanting to try so that I could decide what to purchase later that night. The only request I made at the makeover was for me to be able to use my own lipstick, which I had brought with me, the Holiday Kiss Collection's Rouge Saphir Rouge G from Guerlain.

I bought this Rouge G as something of a birthday present for myself. The sapphire, being September's birthstone, is special to me. There was no way I'd let a Rouge G with a sapphire button escape me.

The color of the lipstick itself is very appropriate for the holidays. In cold weather, I may probably pick a shade of red that is much deeper but this red is bright and merry, and definitely calls for year-round wear. On my computer, the pictures seem warmer than what I think the color looks like in person. The associate that put it on me thinks it's blue-based but I find it to be on the warmer side. Either way, there's nothing to fear here, as this red is very wearable.

I thoroughly enjoyed having the color on. I wiped most of it off over a dinner of The Fat Ham's chopped salad, hot chicken and salmon. But I reapplied immediately after dinner for some mandatory pictures.

I find the Rouge G formula to be among the best that I have tried. It's smooth without being slippy, moisturizing yet reasonably long-wearing, scented but not overwhelming and although the packaging is bulky as heck, it's truly a jewel to behold. I don't even mind that it's heavy because I find that I always need that mirror.

Overall, I think this is a must-buy for Rouge G collectors, if only because it's a limited edition color and packaging. For non-collector's, the takeaway is, you do need a bright red in your life. You may not wear it often, but it will make you come alive on special occasions. You'll love that when you see your holiday pictures.

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