Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 152 Choquant

I bought this tube of the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour back in September when it had pretty much just come out. I had intended to wear in on a special occasion but never got around to it. Trying it on in the store, I thought it was a beautiful deep red but also very high maintenance. I needed lip liner to fix the edges and I made sure I applied carefully since it's troublesome to clean up mistakes.

Until I opened the tube, it did not really occur to me that I could wear this in a low maintenance way. But it's possible! As a stain! It was such a eureka moment for me in the parking lot of my daughter's school. I dabbed on some Aquaphor to prep my lips and waited a few minutes for that settle. (Don't be tempted to skip that step because you don't want this clinging to dry spots and the Aquaphor will help the stain glide over the lips evenly). Then I put four little dots of Choquant in the center of the bottom lip and spread it out over the entire lip area with a finger, using the rearview as my mirror. Instant deep pink lips. Easy and beautiful!

For the swatch, I included a swatch as a stain, applied over Aquaphor. I only used one very small dot of the lip color so it's quite light. But you get the idea. The swatch on the left had not fully dried yet so you see a certain gloss. However, this is a modern matte formula. It is definitely not shiny when it sets on the lips.

The bottle is nice too. It seems like the exact same frosted bottle that they used to use for the liquid eyeshadows, also similar to the ones that they had for the discontinued Rouge Allure Laque, which had a black bottle that was not at all see-thru but exactly the same size and style. The applicator is not a traditional doe foot but more of a flat paddle.

This formula does remind me of the old Rouge Allure Laque except it has a more velvety feel and will dry with a solid matte finish. Thankfully, it doesn't leave my lips parched. Since it's a deep red though, it definitely stains. I'm glad I found another way to use it that makes it more appropriate for quick trips. I'm not fond of liquid lipsticks in general, but I like this one.

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