Monday, December 12, 2016

By Terry Impearlious Baume de Rose (Pearlescent Lip Balm) in 200 Fresco Rose

Another line that I've been very curious to try is By Terry, known for the Baume de Rose lip balm. I've been enjoying my first purchase of the Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm so I was expecting something similar or better as far as the original Baume de Rose was concerned. I went a step further and bought the pearlescent lip balm in a tube, the Impearlious Baume de Rose in shade 200 Fresco Rose. This also came in holiday packaging (just the box, I think) so it is limited edition.

The first thing I noticed when I first opened the tube was the applicator. I really like it! The shape and the slant of the applicator make it very easy to use. The tip isn't full of product when you take it out so you may need to dip into the tube a couple of times to get enough for one full coat over both lips although it could just be that I have a lot of surface to cover.

The color is practically transparent, with just that hint of pink and some obvious glitter when you swatch. Once spread out on the lips, I no longer notice the glitter, just shine. Overall, it looks very nice for a basically transparent lip gloss balm.

The bad part is that I was expecting a really delightful rose smell and what I got was that rose smell mixed with what I think of as old lipstick. It's a certain nutty, waxy kind of odor that I associate with very old Bobbi Brown lipsticks, when they are well past their use-by date. This doesn't have a date and I just bought it so I'd like to believe that it isn't old product. I really did just open it. So maybe it just smells that way. It's a little off-putting and hardly what I wanted out of a rather expensive tube of lip balm with not much product in it. I will probably continue to use it, just because it was so expensive and I don't feel like returning it but it's a real bummer.

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