Saturday, December 17, 2016

Burberry Lip Velvet Long Lasting Matte Lip Colour in No. 437 Oxblood

So it is finally the day for Burberry Oxblood. Oxblood is one of those shades that I knew someday I had to try but when Burberry makeup first launched, it was just not on my radar. Several lip formulations later, I finally decide to get the color and no regrets. The Lip Velvet Long Lasting Matte formulation was probably the best pick for such a rich color.

I went a step further and grabbed the Lip Definer, a lip pencil, in the same color Oxblood (in the pencil it's No. 14) which I think was a very good decision. It's a perfect fall to winter shade. More maroon than brown, definitely reddish enough that I don't feel so goth. It's really beautiful. And despite not having a full face of makeup on, I felt like I could wear it. So there's that degree of versatility there. It's not something that requires much to kind of hold it up. You'd want to balance it out, groomed brows maybe, a little tinted moisturizer. But you can dress it up or down, wear it to anything really.

Application: I started by lining the lips completely and filling in. I don't fill in heavily and you don't need to, but it does pay to make sure that when you put on the lipstick, you are spreading the pigment evenly over the lips. It doesn't look quite as good when the color is choppy. You want deep dark burgundy to be on the lips as evenly as possible and this is a good, opaque shade. Personally, I apply straight out of the tube but in the end, I finally had to run a lip brush over the entire thing, just a little obsessive like that. The pencil is a perfect match. The texture truly is velvet. Matte but not flat.

I loved having this on. The only thing that I found a little tricky was having a meal. I tried hard to not wipe off all my lipstick before eating, just to see how much of it would come off. I ended up with lipstick left only on the outer part of both upper and bottom lip. Not exactly a great look but you see where I'm going. If you eat, it will come off somehow. If not for the meal though, the lipstick stayed on perfectly.

It's not particularly moisturizing in my opinion, nor is it drying, as some matte formulations can be. I like the feel of the Burberry Kisses line better but this does last longer. If you're going to put in the effort to apply it flawlessly, then you'd want it to last as long as it could. Overall, this was a good buy, and definitely get the matching pencil. The lip pencil comes with a sharpener, thankfully, as it will need to be sharpened. The price is a bit up there but it's lovely. Really quite lovely.

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