Sunday, December 4, 2016

Burberry First Kiss Fresh Gloss Lip Balm in No. 5 Sweet Plum

These days, I tend to stick to lipstick and try to avoid anything that's going to run down the sides of my lips throughout the day. Lip gloss is pretty much guaranteed to do this and a gloss balm formula, I expect, will be pretty much the same. However, weekends need to be easier and I feel like a slick of dewy balm is really all I'm in the mood for.

Bare-faced and in a sporty attire, I opened the day's present and put on the Burberry First Kiss Fresh Gloss Lip Balm in No. 5 Sweet Plum. I picked this shade because it seemed the darkest among the colors available and yet I found that it's still the sheerest thing, barely depositing color on my lips. The look is just enough for a casual dinner at an eat all you can. It's not like I expect my lip color to last through that meal...

Must mention: the ceramic applicator is so cooling and soothing on the lips. There really is that temptation to slap on more than necessary but I had to stop myself as that simply wouldn't look good. Sweet Plum is, for all intensive purposes, still a basic balm. It moisturizes the lips and adds a good dose of shine. I think it does a nice job on both those points.

The product is pricey, therefore, a real indulgence. Probably not something I'd collect or repurchase but it is nice to have. I think that if they packaged it in a value set, it would make a nice present as well.

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