Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Party Alice

In my personal advent calendar, I had a different lipstick up for today but it was such a disappointment that it hardly seemed worthy of a feature. To keep things relevant, I switched it out for something perfectly nice, that is hopefully still available by the time the post goes up. This is the Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Party Alice.

The lipstick is part of (the) Bobbi's Party Picks Cheek, Lip and Eye Kit which I noticed went down in price to $78.50 on Sephora's website. The set includes the Highlighting Powder in Opal Glow (which is the real reason I bought the set, it seems to be exclusive to it), the lip color in Party Alice, a small Glitter Lip Gloss (clear), the Eye Opening Mascara in Black and a cosmetic bag. I'm not going to be reviewing the entire set as I've only used the lipstick so far. In the background of the picture below, you'll see all the items in the set.

Party Alice is a full-coverage lipstick with great pigmentation. You only need to give your lips one quick pass to get full, creamy color. The finish is supposed to be semi-matte, which sounds about right. It's somewhat moisturizing on and doesn't have a heavy fragrance (unless I'm not able to smell it because I have a cold right now). I find wearing it to be very pleasant and I'm looking forward to being able to wear all the contents of the set one time. If you prefer a glossy finish, I think that's what they included the Glitter Lip Gloss in there for. A little dab right in the center of the bottom lip should be just right.

Party Alice falls right smack in the middle of all the orangey lipsticks I've been wearing during the last few days. It too, turns a bit warm on me. However, I find that it didn't fuss me at all. This is likely because I had no expectations about what the color was going to be like. I simply put it on and enjoyed it. Party Alice is still a neutral, by most respects, and it's the traditional Bobbi Brown lipstick formula. They launched the Luxe Lip Color sometime during the year although I haven't tried that one. I'm still debating if that is worth the extra $7. We'll see.

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