Monday, December 19, 2016

Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Rhubarb

Today I have a Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in the shade Rhubarb. Although I have several lipsticks from the brand, this is my first time to try one of these pencils and Rhubarb has made a very good impression on me. Sephora describes the color as a plum rose. Sounds about right.

I confess that the pencil I have is part of a set of two, the other shade being Chablis, but I only got to try Rhubarb so this isn't going to be a double feature. The set is also no longer available online but the pencils can be purchased individually. Here is the swatch of Rhubarb. I made five lines next to each other. Considering how lightly I drew each line, you can see how pigmented each one is.

So, for a first experience, I liked the way the pencil applied. I found it easy to trace the outline of my lips and then lightly fill in with one full coat. It looked very nice that way. I'm always tempted to pile on more color because I'm so used to doing my lipstick that way but seeing that this is supposed to be a high pigment formula, I stopped myself. That was probably a good idea anyway. One coat is really all I needed.

The High Pigment Pencils are twistable so I don't see any need for sharpening. I tend to apply with the pencil on its side and that maintains the pointy end. This one performs well but is highly fragranced, much like all Bite Beauty products. I wish they would dial down the fragrance as I sometimes find it a bit overwhelming.

At the Bite Lip Lab in New York, you have fragrance options but it is disappointing that the custom lipstick experience has gone up to a rather steep price. When I first went there, I was able to get two of the same custom lipstick for $70. One lipstick was maybe $40 or $45. Less than a year later, they changed their pricing scheme. To get the full custom lipstick experience, you now have to shell out $150. You will get 2 custom colors whipped up exactly as you dictate but still. That's quite the mark up. The less expensive option lets you pick from their color library (so it is no longer a custom color), you decide on the finish and the scent and you pay $55 for one lipstick. At that rate, I should be getting a Rouge G and not mixed pigments melted and then reformed and stuffed into a plastic tube in front of me. As one of my friends said, "I'll just melt lipstick at home."

A full-sized High Pigment Lip Pencil costs $24 and there are currently 19 colors to choose from. They occasionally come out with sets, which are usually a better deal. I wait for those. The set I got sold out pretty quickly since the two colors are very popular and are probably most wearable for a majority of buyers. The other set that they had was Quince and Tannin which are a rose berry and a deep poppy red.

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