Monday, November 21, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers

The Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers are so adorable, how can I not take a hundred pictures of them? Spotted at Target, I took a picture of all that I could find with my phone. They are all $4.89 apiece. The two under the sign that says $1.89 are also $4.89. I just moved them there to get them all in the picture.

I would have liked to purchase them all but I did not. I managed to grab five of them on separate trips, with one daughter in tow to help select the characters we would get. The packaging indicates that they would be lip balm pots with special edition flavors. I don't sense any real flavor to them but they do have a rather potent candy smell. True to the words on the back of the package, they are moisturizing, conditioning and leave you with a translucent shine.

Among the ones we took home is the Cheshire Cat with the flavor Plumberry Wonderland. You grasp the bottom part which contains the lip balm and twist to remove the cap.

These are a lot like those eos lip balms that I collected in the past but they've got more "play" value. They occupy my three year old for a few minutes although she requires help stacking them as they can be quite unstable. Initially, I thought I could only stack two or three of them at a time, and with much effort at that. It took awhile to figure out which ones were more suited to sit at the bottom and which at the top. The square portion on the top part of each does not seem to be of exactly the same size. Either that or the bottoms of each one aren't the same size. They also don't really have a good way to latch on to each other (there's something that quietly clicks into place but it does not always hold) and will usually topple down almost immediately once you've stacked them.

In the picture below, I managed to get them on the kids play table and stack all five of them. From the top, it's Dory, the Cheshire Cat, Marie, Stitch and Minnie Mouse. The flavors are Blue Tang Berry (Dory), Love in Pear-y (Marie), Blueberry Wave (Stitch) and Strawberry Lollipop (Minnie).

My daughter put them side by side later on and I took a picture of their backsides. Do any of these catch your eye? Does anyone from Canada know where they can be purchased? I have a couple of friends who showed interest but as Target is no longer in Canada, I'm not sure where to tell them to go.

Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers L-R: Dory, Cheshire Cat, Stitch, Minnie Mouse, Marie

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