Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Burberry Holiday 2016 Palette - No. 28 Gold Shimmer + Dior (Splendor) Precious Embroidery

Two eyeshadow palettes that I've found myself most excited about for this upcoming holiday season are the Burberry No. 28 Gold Shimmer and the Dior quint in 776 Precious Embroidery. I'm going to start with the Burberry one as I haven't used the Dior one yet.

The Burberry quad is basically two shades of gold and two shades of brown. I have small eyes that it's too much trouble just to try and use all colors at the same time and have them all show. I now treat palettes as multi-pairing duos that you can mix and match. I often feel like two shades is really all I need on a regular basis. A light and a dark to make certain parts recede and certain parts come up. For this quad, my pairing of choice would be the two middle shades. I use the upper middle gold color over the mobile lid to just over the crease and then I come in with the lower middle golden brown which I place only up to the crease. It creates a gradient, from bottom to top, of dark to light gold. Paired with a simple dark eyeliner (brown or black), lots of mascara and a neutral blush, I think it's all very Burberry.

If you're seeing from the swatches above that there is very little difference between the two golds and the two browns, you are absolutely correct. This is why the set works particularly well as two pairings. or four, if you mix and match, to create a brown-gold gradient on the lids. I favor the middle two, but you could also do the same thing with the outer two shades and alternately, use the upper middle all over and use the outer (bottom/left) brown to create the dark part of the gradient. You could use the outer gold color (which has a greenish tinge to my eye) as the all over color and create a lighter gradient with the lower middle brown shade. In the end, it's all going to have the same effect. Very natural but with a little sumthin' sumthin' extra, if you get what I mean. Keeping everything neutral, you could go all out with a bold red lip (they have Burberry Military Red everywhere) or you could do their signature Oxblood color. I've purchased both the lipcolor and the liner but have yet to get comfortable with it.

Below, I have some pictures of the Dior quint in 776 Precious Embroidery, one of two from Splendor 2016. I was very excited to get this one in my hands but haven't had the time to play. Well, it isn't even Halloween yet, so I know I've got time! But check out that sequin print. Almost a shame to touch it really.

Swatched in the order the shadows appear in the compact above. These swatches were taken in direct sunlight. I do feel like they're a bit washed out and I apologize since I took all the pictures on this post with my iPhone. However, I have to warn that the whole washed out thing may actually prove true to color when applied as most Dior eyeshadows haven't exactly been highly pigmented lately.

Sideways and closer below. Sequins almost too real! I am so looking forward to using this. I'm planning to take the same approach to this quint as I did with the Burberry quad. I understand that the idea behind these quints is to use everything with the central color and that's certainly one way to create four different looks off the bat. But I think it's a little easier to think of these five colors not in terms of gradients but layers. Gold can be the first layer or the white (although I tend to like the midtone colors for a bottom layer better, and white is often more a highlight), add the rosy color as the second layer and create shadows using the brown with a light touch and blend well. The black can be used as a liner and the white as a highlight. If you've got huge peepers, that's going to be phenomenal. And as it's Dior, I highly recommend using with a primer.

UPDATE 10-24-16: I've been using this quint exclusively since the original date of the post and I can say after a week of trial that I have no problems using these eyeshadows without a primer. They do look a little more pigmented with primer on and if you need longevity from your product, you really should use primer. But working with a few combinations, I found the center gold shade and the lighter brown shade to be the workhorses of the palette for me. I even wore these shadows all day outdoors when my daughter and I went to the Harry Potter Festival in Chestnut Hill and they looked flawless from the time I put them on in the morning until I got home that night. That's a good 9 hours of wear with the Smashbox lid primer. I have discovered, however, that the best way to use these shadows is to actually utilize the sponge-tipped applicators that they came with. I apply the golden center shade all over the mobile lid with the rounded sponge-tip then I use a brush to apply the light brown color on the outer corners and crease to blend everything nicely and create subtle shadows. On the bottom lash line, I use the thin, pointed sponge-tip to apply white from the inner corner to about a third of the way out and then I meet that line with the dark brown shade applied from the outer corner of the bottom lash line. If you notice, I didn't use the rosy shade at all. I actually bought this palette thinking that rosy color would be a beautiful accent but I really never found the need for it in my favorite look. If this was a quad, I could do without that one. Although if you look better in rosy tones, I would use it in place of the gold.

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