Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Burberry London with Love Illuminating Blush and Bronzer

I ordered a slew of Burberry products and half of them I have yet to play with. Pictured up top, still in their boxes, some lip products, a couple of eye products and some samples. Burberry doesn't release as many collections as other brands but they have a knack for making products look very enticing. This is especially true with this London With Love makeup collection for summer. The collection includes some lipsticks, nail polish, lip and cheek blooms and the stars of the lot, the blush and bronzer with the embossed heart in the center. That blush looks so pretty in the pan, I had to have it!

Why stop with blush when there's a bronzer? But let me pause for a second to lament the state of the bronzer when it arrived. Despite the lovely packaging done by Burberry (I ordered directly from their website), the bronzer had all this powder all over it when I opened the compact. Thankfully though, the product doesn't truly seem damaged. I try to limit myself to one high end bronzer purchase every summer and I'm glad to say that I really like this one. It applies more golden than brown or orange, and that's the kind of illuminating bronzer that I think works best for me. I tried to use the colors separately but it is quite difficult to do that. (You will find this to be true with the blush as well.) I just gave up and mix the colors together. To apply the bronzer, I use a skunk brush and that helps distribute the product better to ensure that I don't go overboard.

Since I didn't find any eye products in the London With Love collection, I went over the brand's more recent releases to see what might be of interest and I got the cream eyeshadow in Nude Gold. I have no shortage of gold eyeshadow but this one is a lot more muted than most of them. I use the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Mirage and Apparence together quite often and I find Burberry Nude Gold to be in the same color family but neither of them are a true match for Burberry's Nude Gold. Overall, I find Nude Gold to be a very versatile color and I have no difficulty with the way it applies. Of all the eye products I've bought lately, it's one of Burberry's that I like better.

As I've mentioned, I haven't yet had a chance to sample everything and I may skip featuring some items completely, particularly the poorer performers. Why highlight the bad? For instance, I have used the Eye Colour Contour Smoke & Sculpt Pen in Rosewood and found myself unimpressed. There are better eye sticks out there. Don't get that one. I've ordered their concealer pen before and did not find quite the right shade but I thought I'd give the cashmere concealer a shot and had the same problem. The new Burberry Full Kisses lippies? Also not a favorite. The Burberry Lip Definer Lip Pencil and Lip Velvet lipstick are next on my list. Hopefully, I'll find something that I like this time around.

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