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Eve Lom Cleansers and other things

Let me start by saying that it took me a long time to determine what products really helped my winter skin. I was testing products and product combinations through the entire winter season before I homed in on the ones that I think truly worked. Now that spring is here, I've decided to carry over a couple of items until it gets warm enough to switch out again.

Above is the Eve Lom skincare lot that I had been using through most of the winter. I purchased the Perfect Partners boxed set that included the Morning Time Cleanser (4.2 oz. in the tube), the original Cleanser (1.7 oz. in the tub) and one full-size Muslin cleansing cloth. I also got more cleansing cloths, the one that they sell in the three-pack and the Lip Kiss Mix which is a mint lip balm. This whole lot cost me $154 before tax. A bit pricey, I know. But I was desperate.

3-pack Muslin Cleansing Cloths

The whole premise of Eve Lom skincare, as it appears to me, is to give you the spa experience. The cleansing cloth used with the original cleanser is central to that and there is a procedure that they recommend for use. You apply the cleanser on dry skin and massage it over the face and neck. Wet the Muslin cloth with warm water and apply it to your face, breathe in and out, and then you remove it, getting most of the makeup and dirt off. You would do this same action again and then a third time, with cool water to complete the process and close pores.

The cleanser does its job substantially and I find that it removes most of my makeup with very little scrubbing. I don't really think they want you to scrub but I do it gently and I think it gives a subtle exfoliation that's completely necessary to get rid of flakes. For people like me who have a low tolerance for glycolic acid and other chemical exfoliants, this is the way to go.

Eve Lom Cleanser (Original)

The cleanser is like a semi-coarse petroleum jelly or a sugar scrub. The smell is pleasant, in my opinion, a bit herbal and probably a result of the various aromatic oils in the product. Yes, it's like slathering oil all over your face but then it comes off cleanly in the shower and I don't find that my face feels tight after. I also don't sense any sticky residue. Overall, even if I don't use another cleanser after, I feel clean. I feel like if I bust out the Simple Facial Cleanser now, I just completely negated the whole reason for "switching" to the oil-based cleanser.

My criticism here is simply that I don't always have time for this whole procedure. I've got kids, a household to run and 10 minutes to get my shower done. If you want the spa experience, you've got to have the time. I simply can't sustain the regimen. Also, I'm not used to bringing a washcloth into the shower with me. If I could use a bar of soap, I would be happiest. That Muslin cloth has to be rinsed out and wrung, then hung up to dry. I can't even bring myself to reuse it the next day, so I really need several cloths and I need to be able to run them in the wash before I'm out. And you can't put them in the dryer either, so allot drying time.

My other problem is scooping product out of the tub bothers me. I use my fingers because they didn't include a scooper but then again, if they included a scooper, I would just be annoyed anyway because then I would feel the need to wash that scooper before and after every use. What is the solution to this packaging dilemma? Single serve packets? That would be wasteful and would likely raise the already inflated price. BUT, I think I may repurchase this product soon because I am almost out and I've found that when I stopped using it (and I tried that), well, my skin just wasn't the same. And since I started using it, I've barely touched the Clarisonic, which nowadays, my skin finds a bit harsh.

As for the Morning Time Cleanser, the product is fine. It's the packaging that I hate. I found it nice that this one wasn't meant to be used with the Muslin cloth so it does cut down on the time spent in the shower. It looks to be practically the same as the regular cleanser and feels mostly the same when applied. You know, it's oily but doesn't drip. The no drip part is good. The Morning Time Cleanser is even less coarse than the original so no exfoliation. It's just that I do not like twisting the tube open and closed. Why couldn't they do a flip top cap like every other cleanser? The flip top is convenient, that's why plenty of brands use it. The packaging of the Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser is like that of the Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl Hand Cream. I love the hand cream but because I don't like the dispenser, I stopped buying it. And at the end of the day, as far as the end result goes, that Muslin cloth does make a difference. So, Morning Time Cleanser is a no for me.

On most mornings, I would be more comfortable using a Cetaphil Wipe to cleanse my face. When I hit the shower, then sure, I'd use a cleanser. But if there's no time for that, then nothing but water. Then I moisturize, add SPF, makeup, done. And if I had to choose between the Eve Lom cleansers, at this rate, I would probably just go with the regular cleanser and use it at night. Although I am definitely going to be searching for a less expensive alternative that gives me the same effect for next winter because I think it really costs too much for what it is.

I have no real criticism for the Muslin cloths except again, how they are so incredibly over-priced. Sometimes, when I run out of cloths because I haven't run them in the wash, I use one of my baby's washcloths. We have the Charlie Banana Reusable Organic Cotton Wipes but we don't use them for diapering. We treat them as washcloths for bathing her tender baby skin. They are incredibly soft and sized like a regular baby washcloth. After 2.5 years, they have become a bit pilly but I'm not inclined to buy more as we are slowly outgrowing them. They don't have the exfoliating feel of the Muslin either. The Muslin cloths kind of feel like a super soft cheesecloth. I really need to go into JoAnn's to see if there are alternatives.

And as for the lip balm, look above, it's made in England! It is so incredibly minty! In the past, I would have really liked that. Lately, however, I've found that the skin around my lips, especially the outer corners, are not particularly fond of very minty things. I've even had to switch my toothpaste for parts of the winter and it is very hard to find toothpaste without any kind of mint. I love my Tom's of Maine toothpaste but ended up using my daughter's Silly Strawberry one (also by ToM) for a period. No fluoride and no mint, I think. So, lovely as this balm is, I really shouldn't use it.

That's pretty much all I've got to say about Eve Lom for now. The only other thing I will continue to use through spring is the NUDE Skincare ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil.

Of all the oils I've tested through the winter, this is the one that felt like it gave me lasting hydration without any annoying fragrance. The lot I've pictured below is what I've gone through. The Josie Maran Argan Oil and Argan Oil Light were ok for previous years (light for the warmer months) but somehow seemed less robust than the NUDE ProGenius Omega Treatment. I can mix a drop or two with moisturizer or apply after moisturizer to lock in moisture. The NUDE oil has worked well to keep the driest and most irritated parts of my facial skin from being flaky. That's something that even constant reapplication of the Chantecaille rose oil and moisturizer couldn't fix. Laura Mercier's rose oil couldn't either. And the Tarte Maracuja Oil? I had several of the travel/trial size bottles that you see below and I chucked them all. I cannot stand the way it smells! It's a bit nutty and stale-smelling. There's no way I would put that on my face again. I tried and couldn't live with the lingering odor. Rose Oil smells divine but somehow the blends I've tried aren't very effective for me. I have yet to play with the Pixi rose oil that I bought but I suspect that it still wouldn't be as good as the NUDE Skincare ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil. Maybe it's the omegas that make it so awesome. I definitely need to explore the line further.

Have you tried any NUDE skincare products? Is there anything that you would recommend for a woman on the doorsteps of 40 with dry skin?

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