Thursday, March 24, 2016

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water and Photo Finish Primer Water

I hauled my kids over to Ulta today so I could grab a 3.9 oz bottle of the Photo Finish Primer Water for $16. It's half price today only, as part of their daily beauty steals promotion. While there, I decided to browse some of the Smashbox foundation products and I saw one of the try it kits that had the BB cream, halo powder and a small primer. But as they only had light/medium, and I was afraid that would be too dark, I decided to ask the Smashbox rep if she had a sample of what might be the right shade for me. In the end, I got totally sucked into buying the BB Water, which I was informed, was $25 for the 1 oz bottle (the price is not for this day only but I can't say until when). My shade is Light, by the way.

I have no regrets here, in case you thought I was complaining. It's the nature of the beauty hauler in me, I guess. I can't resist a deal. And a deal it was! For $43 (that's with the tax too), I had a full size primer, foundation and the GWP which included a mini eyeshadow trio that I would totally use, and a sample of their under eye primer and lid primer. I had the rep apply the products on me, to make sure I was getting the correct color and to create a first impression of the Primer Water and BB Water foundation product. So far, I found that I liked both enough and for that price, the only problem there'd be is if I fell in love with them and never again found such a bargain.

So anyway, let's talk about those first impressions. The primer water in the spray bottle spells convenience for me. The sprayer wasn't all terrible like the Pixi ones that squirted just in one concentrated spot. This one sprayed in a wider area, with a finer mist. It's still not nearly as perfect as the sprayer of the Evian water but decent. The rep sprayed once or twice quickly over my face and that was the primer. Done! According to the package, the Primer Water can also be used as a setting spray and for touch ups. Obviously, I have yet to test that.

Anyway, after spraying my face with primer, the rep proceeded to apply the BB Water foundation on my face with just fingers. She put a couple of drops in the palm of her hand (it comes with a dropper attached to the lid, kind of like Custom Cover Drops) and then massaged it into the areas of my face that needed to be evened out. This successfully camouflaged most of the redness and obvious broken capillaries on my cheeks, and even worked to brighten up the area under the eyes. All I did was dab my finger on to the product and tap over the undereye gently. Overall, the finish was very skin-like and coverage not far from a good tinted moisturizer. I was impressed. 

I was told that the BB Water was an altogether better option if you crave moisture and you could build it up for more coverage as necessary. The texture reminds me of the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation and it also clings to dry patches but not quite nearly as badly as Armani's does. The Smashbox BB Water seems much better for me, less of that dry oil feel, and the color match was very good. I can envision putting it on frequently, on days when all I really have to do is pick up the kids from school or go to the supermarket. This and some lipstick ought to do it. I don't even need to set with powder. Maybe I could set with the Primer Water! Hmmm.... the package says you can put it in the fridge for a cooling effect.

I have some dry patches running down from the corners of the mouth and around the nose and the BB Water doesn't seem to be enough to truly cover that up. However, that is a problem that I have that needs a true remedy and not a cover up. It flares up now and then and no foundation by itself can hide it well when it does. However, the primer water and BB Water foundation do not irritate the areas and do not aggravate the situation. Overall, I'd say both products could readily make it to my list of nice everyday makeup products. While they are priced so well, I would say, go to Ulta now and give it a try!

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