Thursday, March 17, 2016

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau BB Invisible Skin-Fusion Multi-Perfecting Makeup Revisited

In September of 2013, I wrote a post about Guerlain's "new" BB Cream with SPF 30. You can review that post with this link here. I remember seeing only two shades out at the time and I took home samples of both colors from Sephora. The product didn't really work well for me then and the shade offerings weren't the only issue (with just two shades out, one was a little too light and the other too dark). Looking at the date of the post, that was less than 2 weeks before I had a baby so I'm wondering if my skin was acting wonky or if it was just the weather that made it sit oddly on my skin. Or it could have been the sample, which Sephora puts in little jars for you when requested. I always find sample packets work better because the product isn't exposed to air until you open the packet.

I received several newer packets of the product over the course of the last half year. The packets I have now are in the shade BB 3 Natural. Each packet has so much product that I used barely a quarter of it, I think, to cover my entire face.

The texture was silkier than I remember the previous samples to be. With a mere dot on four corners of my face, one on each cheek, the forehead and the chin, I was able to spread it out quite nicely so that the product melted into the skin. This time, it didn't cling to dry, uneven patches and just blended into my moisturized face. I was worried when I initially opened the packet because the color still looked pretty dark and I was already thinking about what moisturizer or face oil I should mix with it to sheer it out. But as I applied it, I found that it was unnecessary to mix anything with it. It already has a runny consistency and it's pretty sheer. It gives my NC-20ish skintone a bit of a tan. I suspect that anyone up to three shades darker than me could wear this color.

Above left: shade Light, above right: shade Medium

Above, shade Natural/Naturel

As a refresher, I reposted the swatches I had previously, followed by the swatch of this shade. Note that the first swatches were allowed to dry down substantially before I took the pictures. The new swatch, of shade 3 Natural, was more or less freshly applied when the photo was taken. However, I did let the sample packet sit for a few hours, already opened, before I was able to take pictures. Barring slight differences in lighting and possible oxidation, it's looking like 3 Natural/Naturel is definitely not as dark as Medium and is closer to the color of shade Light. It is a little darker though if you can see that. They should have come out with this shade sooner and renamed the products, as Natural should be the Medium and the Medium one should be Doré.

Shade 3 Natural strikes me as close to what Beige 30/Naturel looks like in most of Guerlain's foundation products. It also makes me think of Baby Glow in Medium, if you have ever used that product although I think it's actually a little lighter. I could wear the Medium shade of Guerlain's Baby Glow and it looks like I have a tan when it's sheered out on my complexion. That said, the BB Cream doesn't have the "glow-giving" properties of Baby Glow as it dries down to a more satin finish. It's not matte by any measure but it isn't shimmery or pearlescent as far as I could tell.

Wearing this product in lieu of foundation today, it didn't give me as much coverage as I wanted but I could tell that it evened out certain areas. It's kind of like wearing tinted moisturizer. I powdered over it very lightly before I stepped out although I didn't press the powder in. I just brushed it softly across the entire face to mattify the complexion a little. I was out briefly and had no problems with it. It just didn't wow me enough to warrant the purchase of the full-sized product.

On a side note, I recently tried to re-purchase the Les Voilettes Pressed Powder that I originally purchased in 2013 (it's also mentioned in the original BB Cream post linked here). At the time, I was sent the wrong shade by Neiman Marcus and I returned it but did not bother purchasing the color I wanted because I thought the product was too tiny for the price. However, I am running low on my favorite Météorites Compact Powder and as it is a discontinued product, I was hoping that the Les Voilettes Pressed Powder would be a good substitute. As luck would have it, I ordered the shade Medium from Nordstrom, and they cancelled my order. Unable to fulfill. It says my store has it so I was weirded out by the cancellation since Nordstrom would usually ship you an item from a store if the warehouse didn't have the inventory. But, you know, I didn't feel like going to the store, following up on the canceled order or reordering separately. At this rate, I think that this powder and I are simply not meant to be together.

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