Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Spring into Pixi - 10% off Cartwheel at Target

If you've been looking to buy some Pixi items at Target, Cartwheel is currently offering 10% off Pixi items when you purchase at the store. The discount is good until Saturday, February 13th and you need to have the cartwheel app on your device to use it.

I have purchased a few items from the brand at various times. My latest acquisition is the H20 Skintint, which I find to be a nice, light coverage sort of tinted moisturizer. I had purchased No. 2 Nude and the No. 3 Warm and find that I could use both on my light to medium skin. I'm more of an NC20 at the moment and the No. 2 shade disappears into my skin. The coverage is very minimal and except for a little evening of the complexion here and there, it doesn't cover much. I actually ended up preferring the No. 3 as it gives my entire face a warmed tint and I could pretend that it was summer instead of winter.

Pixi by Petra H20 Skintint swatches

The texture is very smooth and it is incredibly light. Apply it as you would a regular moisturizer. It feels like a gel and it dries fairly quickly so you need to make sure you have applied it evenly throughout before it sets. I don't think that it requires buffing down although you could probably set it with a foundation powder for more coverage. It's winter so I found that the effect lasted the entire day for me and I don't set it with anything at all.

You could try a setting spray, and Pixi by Petra makes the lovely scented Makeup Fixing Mist that I've been using on and off for a few months now. The discount works on it too. I can't go into too many details about this product because I just use this to dampen sponges/brushes when applying makeup. I like the way it smells LOL. I would like it to spray a fine mist over a wide area and the sprayer on this doesn't do that so I have given up on using it to set makeup by spraying.

Is it comparable to the Urban Decay Setting Spray? I don't think so because the All Nighter spray leaves my skin with an apparent coolness and I really do feel like it works. When I apply the Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist, I don't sense any difference in the way the makeup looks and feels. It's as mild as water. As I've been on a rose water and rose oil kick lately, the scent is really all I find notably nice about it.

Pixi by Petra Full Cover Foundation Brush

I have purchased the Pixi Full Cover Foundation Brush and I've been testing this quite a bit. The cartwheel offer works on it. The shape makes sense but there has to be a reason that this brush is so dense and tightly packed. My guess is that a dense brush will apply liquid foundation more sparsely and that's what this brush does. However, the effect isn't what I'd hoped for. I want the foundation to be distributed in a thin layer over the skin but whenever I use this brush, I find that I use more foundation because I'm not certain where the foundation is going. It's as if the brush is wiping it off. I tried it with a stick foundation and found that I prefer my flat top brushes for that. I do have plenty of brush options so I will pick this up again one day when I feel like experimenting.

Just so you get an idea of what the brush looks like, below are a few more pictures from different angles. I also have it pictured on my Daisy Brush Tree which I LOVE. I bought that from Beautylish and it's something that I use every single day. My precious brushes haven't felt so loved as they do now.

Pixi by Petra Full Cover Foundation Brush side view

Front view

On my Daisy Brush Tree

One final Pixi product on my vanity is the Rose Oil Blend which I am looking forward to testing as soon as I go through a couple other rose oil products. I found that the discount did not work on the Rose Blend Oil though so, if you're contemplating purchasing this, you could probably wait for a sale. Once I've used it substantially, I will post a review.

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