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Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners

It's come down to me mentioning lip liners in just about every post I've written in the last few weeks so I thought it was time for me to bust out my favorite lip liners for a quick swatch.

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners

I like these Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners for their easy application and rich color. Priced under $10 and performs just as well as any other lip liner that I have from vastly more expensive brands, what's not to love? If they had a more varied selection on the lighter shades, I would certainly have more than these six that I've collected over time.

The sharpener removed from the pencil

I find that I don't ever really have to sharpen these lip liners because I tend to apply them with the product on its side. I often feel that if I sharpen them, I will be wasting product. However, if they do get dull, you could use the sharpener at the base of the pencil. Some suggestions when sharpening: pop the pencil in the fridge for a few minutes to cool it and it will be easier to sharpen and twist the sharpener, not the product.

I have pretty specific color needs when I go out lip liner shopping. I don't find these to be the most essential of make-up products, but more of an add-on. I buy certain colors when I have a lipstick that I find needs a partner. Most of the time, I feel like I need a liner when the lipstick is extremely creamy and slides around a good bit. Sometimes, it's with colors that are very sheer so they need liner to define the lip shape better.

L-R: Blush, Fuchsia, Mauve, Pink, Red, Rose

Really dark and highly-pigmented lipsticks can benefit from liner too, as it allows you to apply color straight out of the tube and then you just go over the entire lip circumference to even things out. Apart from defining the shape, lip liner can prevent bleeding and feathering. However, in the darker category, I'm not wildly adventurous. I typically only buy a handful of dark plums, berries or fuchsia. The vast majority of my lipsticks are in the pink-brown arena so Blush and Rose, swatched above, are the colors that I use most often. I've recently discovered a renewed desire for red so I have this one red that I always use (also swatched above). Seems to work with all the red lippies that I have.

People use lip liner in different ways, to achieve different things. When buying lip liner, you've got to keep in mind what you think you need it for and what it is that you want to accomplish with it. If you have allergies or sensitivity to certain ingredients, the product label should give you the complete ingredient list. For reference, you can click the picture below to enlarge.

Back label of Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner with ingredients list

Some people work with just their shade of nude liner and use that with everything. I've found that most lip liners called "nude" are too dark and too brown for my purposes (I'm looking at you, Chanel!). Even the Mauve color I've swatched above doesn't get much love. The lip liner that tends to go with most things for me are shades like Blush and Rose, as I've mentioned previously. This is not just because of the shades of lipstick that I own but also because these colors go best with my natural lip color.

I use lip liners to create outlines and then I blur down those outlines with a lip brush. I apply the lipstick first and then I go over the perimeter of the lips with lip liner. When blending lip liner in with the lip color, you could have a little lipstick on the brush and go over the areas that need to be evened out. If you like a shiny finish, a coat of gloss also works to camouflage that "line" and unify the look, adding a little volume where there is shine.

Personally, I want the match to be seamless, with no real visible signs of the line. However, sometimes, the lipstick fades well before the lip liner and in the case of Revlon ColorStay Lip Liners, that happens frequently. Personally, I'm not afraid of the tell-tale lip line as the lipstick fades since I reapply frequently and I wipe off completely before I put on a fresh coat. It actually kind of helps that the trace of lip liner is still there because it becomes a guide for when I reapply lipstick during the day.

You could use liner to make your lips look more symmetrical or more even. You could use it to overline to make the lips looks plumper or do the opposite to make them look thinner. Lip liner is versatile! Now, why did I say it's just an add-on in the beginning? I think that after writing this post, I've just convinced myself that it's a real must-have.

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