Sunday, January 24, 2016

Playing with Dior (some spring 2016 items)

DiorBlush Glowing Gardens Vibrant Colour Powder Blush in 844 Floral Pink

I've had a renewed interest in Dior these last couple of months. It's mostly because Chanel hasn't been taking all my money and partly because I've been looking for something new to be excited about. I remember when the Dior spring 2012 collection became available on the Nordstrom website and I immediately went out and bought all the lippies. It was a bit of a mistake. This year, I was afraid of making the same mistake so I went and bought eye products instead :p Well, I bought the blush, one quint and the three eye sticks, since I'm having a moment with eye sticks. And I was most excited to use those. So I did!

DiorShow Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo

I used most of these products in the look I'm sporting in my profile picture. It wasn't anything planned. I had been testing out the blue one and so wore that with some of the colors from the quint, and then I complemented the look with the blush from the collection and the Diorific Mat lipstick in Fascinante from the holiday collection, which I had laying around and quite forgot to use, to be honest. I put a layer of the sparkling mauve Dior Addict lip gloss in Cigne Noir on top of that because I don't generally like the look of matte but I just adore this color.

The blush isn't particularly exciting. It's a shade called Floral Pink, aptly named although for a "vibrant colour blush" it's quite misleading. However, I typically look nice in shades like these, as long as application can be controlled. I am not a fan of highly pigmented blush because I have highly reactive cheeks that turn red on their own. If I cover the redness with foundation and/or concealer properly, I can wear blush applied lightly. I stay away from cream formulas and I do not apply product with my fingers. I simply can't. I've recently invested in a few super soft brushes which I'm very happy to add to my collection. (I should discuss those sometime.) So yeah, this blush is not highly pigmented, some might say it's on the chalky side, but I have no issues with it. The design is pretty and I haven't disturbed it much even if I'm rubbing my Chikuhodo Z-2 all over it. Eventually though, it will disappear. So I'll savor my pictures of it by putting them on this blog!

Back to the eye sticks, the DiorShow Colour & Contour Eyeshadow & Liner Duo... I just don't get why everyone is jumping into the contouring bandwagon that even eyeshadow and eyeliner are being sold as contour products. I'm not very good at the whole contouring thing so I have embraced the roundness of my face and still do my makeup the way I always have, without trying too hard to produce hollows in my cheeks or deep creases on my lids. However, I won't knock points from this product, just because I think the name is too complicated and unnecessary. The colors are very basic and pretty.

L-R: Iris, Orchid and Twig (eyeshadow side)

My favorite is Twig (rightmost in the picture above and below), because it reminds me of Chanel's Moon River, which I use a lot and I like a good taupe liner too. Iris is flattering on me in every respect, especially when you work that blue liner in with the shadow color. This is the base for the look I have done in my profile picture, which got my daughter to complement my eye makeup that day. (She's nine, I consider that a big thing when she notices. "Mommy, are you wearing makeup? Because your eyes are blue. I mean, not your eyes. But you know what I mean. It's pretty." Quote of the day.)

L-R: Iris, Orchid, Twig (liner side)

The one I like least is Orchid because I thought Orchid should be lavender (and I love lavender) but the eyeshadow is rosegold. I like rosegold but I have so many rosegold eye sticks now and I really dislike the liner side. It made me look like I was ill when I put it on my lower lash line. I think it shouldn't be so reddish. I need to work with that a little more.

Swatches L-R: Iris shadow, Iris liner, Orchid shadow, Orchid liner, Twig shadow, Twig liner

So all in all, yes to the eye sticks, pass on everything else. I'll do a separate feature on the eyeshadow quint. I'll keep the blush but, if it's a color you already have, it's completely ok to not buy this one. I mean, seriously, don't. There are many similar products for less.

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